Selangor report on Local Government Elections

Both the Selangor and Penang PR state governments have commissioned studies on the revival of local governments, resulting in very different reports.

The Penang report holds that the power is in the hand of the federal government and the state can do nothing.

The Selangor report, commissioned to the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG) and submitted in July, listed three solutions to reintroduce local elections, two of which do not require federal consent.

While the report has been made public soon after its submission to the state government, it was widely reported in the media and few have read it. Feel free to share this pdf copy with your friend. LCE paper_final_23Dec2009


Wear BLACK This Merdeka

Should you celebrate this Merdeka

After Perak?

After Teoh Beng Hock?

After 589 arrests in a single day on August 1?

After the great lie of 1Malaysia?

Are we truly Merdeka?

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May He be the Last….. A Memorial of Beng Hock

May He be the Last….. A Memorial of Beng Hock
“A Tribute and Time of Humane Reflection”

Date : 29 Jul 2009 (Wednesday)
Time : 9pm till 1030pm
Venue : 1st floor hall, KLSCAH, 1, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur

Organized by

Civil Rights Committee, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Supported by

“Justice for Beng Hock” and “1BLACKMalaysia” facebook groups

No Political Speeches. Just tribute and reflection.

Please wear black and light a candle for Beng Hock and 1,804 others who died in custody since 2003.

Semoga Beliau Mangsa Yang Terakhir….. Upacara Pengenangan Beng Hock
“Penghormatan dan Saat Keinsafan Insani”

Tarikh : 29 Jul 2009 (Rabu)
Masa : 9pm sampai 1030pm
Tempat : Dewan Tingkat 1, Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor (KLSCAH), 1, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur


Civil Rights Committee, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Dengan sokongan

Kumpulan-kumpulan Facebook “Justice for Beng Hock” and “1BLACKMalaysia”

Tiada ucapan politik. Cuma penghormatan dan keinsafan.

Sila pakai baju hitam dan nyalakan lilin untuk Beng Hock dan 1,804 orang lain yang mati dalam tahanan pihak berkuasa sejak 2003.

让他成为最后一人 —-明福追思会








请穿黑衣到来,为明福与自2003年来在扣留与监禁中死亡的另外1804 一根蜡烛。

Hafidz Baharom, yes, justice for all victims of torture please

Hafidz Baharom condemns the politicising of Beng Hock’s death, calling “the suspension of the MACC team involved in the investigations” which has not happened yet “lynch mobs” and hailed “online evidence that clearly points out a case of corruption which took place not only in the past government of the state, but even embroiling the current one as well”.

I could not help but to respond immediately on the face book, which took five messages as facebook messages have limited lengths.  I reproduce them here, sorry for the poor organization and repetition:

There is one thing confirmed – at least by the voluntary confession by MACC – they tortured a witness by interrogating him for nearly 11 hours. Another one for 7 hours.

Of course, unless in your dictionary, long hours of interrogation and sleep deprivation do not constitute tortures!

Now, you call the proposed – not actualized – suspension of the MACC team involved in such torturing lynching? So, rule of law means letting them continue their institutional sadism?Read More

One wonders how Mr Hafidz can give MACC benefits beyond doubt that “even his detention and interrogation are under speculation right now” on one hand;

and claim “we’re finding online evidence that clearly points out a case of corruption which took place not only in the past government of the state, but even embroiling the current one as well” on the other.

2. While Pakatan Rakyat may hope to score political points, does this make MACC innocent? Even if some Pakatan Rakyat politicians are corrupt, would that justify the torturing of Beng Hock and other witnesses?

Now, this is why many Malaysians are so angered by Beng Hock’s death, more than other custodial deaths. He was technically clean – other casualties were easily painted as criminals and drug addicts. For many, suspicion of criminal involvements means that the torture one suffered is somewhat justified. Look at how Kugan’s was labeled by minister as car thief and the public were asked to be reasonable.

Beng Hock’s death was the jimmy-comes-lately last straw that breaks the camel’s back because he was innocent, not because he had not yet been proven guilty, but because he was not even detained as a suspect. Read More

The online blog that Mr Hafidz seems to hail as a great discovery is exactly an attempt to destroy the sympathy Beng Hock enjoys.

3. I dont care much if Pakatan Rakyat scores political points if BN wants to once and again score their own goals.

I do take offense when the dead was treated with less respect than he deserve, by any party including DAP, as well as defenders of MACC – people who can’t wait to dismiss any suspicion of MACC in torturing witnesses by declaring suspicious online allegations of corruption as clear evidence; as if torturing would be justified if there is some truth in the allegation.

I used to enjoy Mr Hafidz’s column and really think he is intellectually more capable than reacting to what he sees as wrong.

While there may well be institutional racism in MACC, the greater problem is its institutional sadism. Just half a year ago, Halimi Kamaruzzaman, was remanded by MACC Pahang. He alleged his treatment was compared to that in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq: punched, stripped and threatened to have his private part burned with cigarettes.

Halimi is a Malay, Muslim and in fact UMNO leader!

4. So, why was Mr Halimi’s ordeal ignored by Pak Lah, by the great 1Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, by the opposition and by the public? Are we racist?

No, I would argue that Halimi was unfortunate for two reasons.

First, his party did not stand up for him. Why? Allegedly, he was actually tortured to implicate another UMNO politician Norza Zakariah (KJ’s boy) in money politics in UMNO. His party did not stand up for him. Nor KJ. There was no political mileage to score in standing up for him!

Second, everyone else – the opposition, the NGO and the public also could not care less. For one I did not write anything to demand justice for him. I am guilty on my part. Why? Is it because he did not fell off the MACC Pahang headquarters? Isn’t it sick that we care to check MACC’s excess only when someone fell off a building?

I suspect even then some still may not truly sympathize with Mr Halimi because many would believe that he was corrupt.

5. This is exactly the problem: does one need to be innocent to be treated humanly and to fear not torture?

Isn’t this the cultural reason why over 1,800 persons had to die in custody in a span of six years time? Most of them were detained for suspicion of criminal involvement.

The allegation of Halimi – cannot be falsified till now because no independent investigation has been carried out – suggests that the main problem of MACC is not institutional racism, but institutional sadism.

And all of us have bloods in our hand because we have tolerated it so far. Beng Hock’s death wakes us up because he was seemingly so innocent. He took away any excuse of tolerance of custodial death, exactly what the “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock” blog and its echo chamber try to provide.

So many of us are now saying: over 1,800 custodial deaths in 6 years is simply not acceptable, for even one life lost is too many.

Mr Hafidz wants us to rally for justice, please condemn MACC’s torture even if DAP is corrupt.


This is not the first time Mr Hafidz Baharom dismissed critics or protesters of the government by presenting some arguments that sound reasonable.

But I have to thank him for evoking my anger and helping me to understand the possibly most important rootcause of our apathy to custodial death.

I proposed that Najib did these four things for Beng Hock on his “seventh day”:

“First and foremost, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCT), now a national and cross-party consensus, must be set up and function effectively. Two conditions must be met. Firstly, to ensure no whitewash, the Commissioners must be appointed upon cross-party consensus after consultation with Pakatan Rakyat (PR). Alternatively, the chair and half of other Commissioners must be nominated by PR. Secondly, the RCI’s terms of reference must cover not only the tragic incident and the identification of individuals responsible for his death, but more importantly to identify if the command and power structure of MACC contributed to the torturing of suspects and witnesses including that of Halimi Kamaruzzaman and Tan Boon Hwa.

The second decision is the suspension of all MACC officers involved in the investigation of the Selangor cases right from Ahmad Said — if none has the decency to offer his resignation — until the investigation by RCI is completed. Malaysians will not believe the RCI has a free hand if top officials like Ahmad Said who categorically deny any responsibility remain in control of MACC.

The third decision is the ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Torture to be followed by necessary legal reforms.

The fourth decision, and perhaps the most important one for the families of Teoh and other victims of state torture, is to set up an independent Foundation Against Torture named after Teoh.

This foundation should have an initial endowment and annual grant adequate to carry out three tasks: policy research, education, and reconciliation. This foundation should be tasked with policy research on human rights in law enforcement, to monitor trends and propose necessary changes in laws, policies and regulations to eliminate torture.

It should also carry out human rights education for all employees of law enforcement agencies and the general public. Third, it should right historical injustices by facilitating fact finding, reconciliation and even compensation to the families of past victims of state torture.

In other words, it should work much like a Truth and Reconciliation Commission except that it shall operate as a public charity rather than a state institution.”

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Did MACC know they were torturing a Bridegroom-to-be and father-to-be?

I believe the most heartbreaking fact of Beng Hock’s death is that it happened just on the eve of his marriage registration and he was going to be a father in seven months’ time.

What crueler thing can be done to his fiancee and his unborn baby?

Are those snatched away their future husband and father not the cruelest snatch theives in the world?

One question remains: did these life-snacthers know that they were torturing a bridegroom-to-be and a father-to-be and yet went on without any mercy?

Torturing anyone – confirmed: interrogating for 11 hours; possible: threat of violence – to the extent that would end the person’s life is unforgiveable. 

But doing so knowing that a wife would be deprived of husband and an unborn baby deprived of father is simply evil.

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Donation for Beng Hock’s Family

Donation for Beng Hock’s family can be made to CIMB Alor Gajah, Teoh Leong Hwee, a/c: 0412-0000333-52-8. Let’s make sure his wife and unborn baby will be well taken care of financially.

Perak Crisis – the ball’s in the royal court!

The Kuala Lumpur High Court Judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim’s ruling that affirms the legitimacy of Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar as the Menteri Besar of Perak is the first ray of light that spells the end of the 1BLACKMalaysia.

The political crisis however would not be over until fresh elections are called. I would continue wearing black until the Assembly is dissolved.

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An usual funeral – by Yasmin Ahmad

Nothing about politics. The only political is that it was commissioned by the Singapore’s Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).


Found in Swee Kuan‘s blog.