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Selangor report on Local Government Elections

Both the Selangor and Penang PR state governments have commissioned studies on the revival of local governments, resulting in very different reports.

The Penang report holds that the power is in the hand of the federal government and the state can do nothing.

The Selangor report, commissioned to the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG) and submitted in July, listed three solutions to reintroduce local elections, two of which do not require federal consent.

While the report has been made public soon after its submission to the state government, it was widely reported in the media and few have read it. Feel free to share this pdf copy with your friend. LCE paper_final_23Dec2009


Selangor abandons its promise on Freedom of Information!

According to Malaysiakini, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has abandoned his government’s promise to enact a Freedom of Information legislation in Selangor, citing the constitutional provision that “that state laws which are not consistent with federal legislation” can be declared null and void.

The Menteri Besar seems ignorant that the Federal Constitution also lists under the state’s jurisdiction a power to regulate its own government machinery – which only fits common sense – under the Ninth Schedule.

In Australia, both the commonwealth (federation) and the states/territories have their own FOI laws.

I wonder if Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should publish the legal opinion he has sought to enlighten the Malaysian – Selangorian in particular – public.

Good People in Penang and Selangor are working on Makkal Osai

I understand that some good people in or advising the Penang and Selangor state governments are working on the rescue of Makkal Osai.

Let us hope that history will be made today or tomorrow that the press will no longer fear BN’s bullying: Revoke the publication permit as much as you like, we will turn to the state governments for exemption!

May we celebrate the death of PPPA before the World Press Freedom Day (May 3)!

New Ruling Parties Listen to Their Bosses – Kit Siang has apologized to Perak Sultan and Regent!

Kit Siang has apologized in a two-paragraph statement to the Perak Sultan and Regent.

This shows the new state-level ruling parties do listen to their bosses. They may make mistake but they are willing to correct it when the public show displeasure.

Kudos to Kit Siang and DAP for the change in stand.

Kudos to all Malaysians who responded to the development. With smart bosses, Malaysia will have good servants.

My hope now is that both the Selangor palace and Selangor new ruling coalition will also heed public opinion in the appointment of the state’s deputy chief executive.

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Guan Eng also promises Freedom of Information Enactment in Penang

According to the report by Malaysiakini,

“Lim said that among the first thing that his administration would do is to enact a Freedom of Information Act and seek all public office bearers to publicly declare their personal assets.

He has also said that the government will look at restoring local council elections and will hold open tenders for all government procurement and contracts.”

Kudos, Guan Eng! Kudos, DAP! Kudos, Penang State Government!

We must encourage healthy competition amongst the five new state governments.  Penang and Selangor are now leading in the race. Hopefully Perak, Kedah and Kelantan will catch up too.

Zorro, together we will see local elections…

Zorro has posted on his blog to remind Haris and myself not to forget local elections.

Zorro’s reminder

I do not. And believe neither Haris.

Together, you, Haris, myself and many others will see that happening.

PAS Kelantan could shamelessly break its promise (under BA manifesto) to introduce local elections for consecutive nine years (1999-2008) and go unpunished.

We would not let that happen in Penang, Perak and Selangor for sure. We must make Guan Eng, Khalid and whoever heads Perak (incidentally Zorro’s and my home state) the new Tsu Koon, Khir Toyol and Tajol Rosli come next elections if they fail to deliver it (or at least not to exhaust all possibilities).

And the Barisan Rakyat enthusiasts in Kedah and Kelantan and PAS’s friends elsewhere – including myself – must also ensure PAS does the same. While PAS dared not to repeat its empty promise in its own manifesto, it has signed up to the People’s Declaration which includes local democracy.

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The Fear in My Morning After

Morning After 2

I had been talking about the ‘morning after’ that how the civil society and concerned citizens should recover and soldier on to overcome the letdown from electoral upset. That was the lesson learned in 1999 and 1990.

Such fear is certainly gone now.

My “morning after” was however neither exciting. I have had a new fear.

I woke up to the unromantic reality after all the ecstasies in that passionate night.

I can’t help asking myself one question. Is such massive victory for the opposition good for democratization in Malaysia?

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