Governments are bad masters if not made good servants.

 Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.  –Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

“People are the Boss!”
Declaration on the People’s Awareness
I. Preamble

People are masters of their countries and boss to their governments. This very concept of democracy is respected in any modern states. When anti-colonialism and nationalism movements swept across the world in the mid-century, their very conviction was to reinforce the status of people as masters, not to remain as slaves to be handed over from foreign conquerors to domestic tyrants. It is sad to say that 42 years after the country’s independence the “people-masters” concept has gained little ground. What fill our ears are fallacies, as exemplified by remarks such as “People have to be grateful to the government”, “Government-run media are the exclusive propaganda apparatus for the ruling party” and “There will be no development for constituencies that vote in the opposition”. These utterances not only mirror arrogance on the part of the politicians but also indifference of the people. And, these attitudes are the root cause to many of our country’s problems nowadays: people’s daily livelihood problems going unattended, communities deprived of development, focus of national issues being shifted on to a racist or religious platform, and even unnecessary loss of human lives and properties.

Fools do not beget wise men. People must first come to an awareness of what is going on around them, and what they really want, before they demand progress. We would like to call upon all Malaysians to insist on their right and dignity. Whichever party you may support, this message has to be communicated to the political parties and politicians loud and clear : “People are the boss!”
II. Concept

1 People are the Boss, the Government is the Management

People are the masters of a country; the government is appointed by the people to take care of the country. Let us compare our country to a company. The people are the boss, and each citizen is a shareholder. The government is the management. People who hold public offices are staff members and not the boss. The salaries of the civil servants and the expenses of the Government are all paid for with the hard-earned money of each and every citizen. Therefore, it is only right for the government to serve the interest of the people. We, as the boss, have the right to criticize the government. As the management appointed by the people, the government has to respect the public’s wishes; there is no way could it “threaten” or “penalize” its bosses.

2 Election is the Selection Process for a new Management

Each government is appointed for a five-year term. The office of government is vacated when the five-year term expires or when the parliament is dissoloved by royal decree on the advice of the current government. Election is the time for the people, as the boss, to vet the candidates and appoint the new management for the country. All voters are shareholders with voting rights. Voters are absolutely free to decide whether they want to retain the current management, or to appoint a new one. Once the office of government is vacated, the ruling party functions only as a “care-taker government”. The manager of the company should not use shareholders’ money to promote himself or to advance his personal cause; likewise, the “care-taker government” should not misuse national resources to promote itself so as to enhance its chance of being re-elected.

3 Candidates cannot threaten their Bosses

During the election, all political parties and candidates are the candidates for the up-coming government. They should not resort to tactics to threaten voters. For example, if the government only allocates fund to develop the constituencies won by the ruling party, it is as ridiculous as the management giving dividends only to an elite section of shareholders.

4 Election is not about Returning Favour

Since popular votes are appointment letters for the next five years, those parties and politicians who win in election actually owe the people a favour for granting the mandate to realize their plans. Therefore, the parties and politicians are returning the favour to the people when they serve. The people owe politicians nothing indeed. We voters do not have to commit ourselves to anybody. Our choices should depend on how well the politicians can serve our best interests in the next five years. We review the past performance of the political parties and the candidates only to assess their future intention, inclination and ability in achieving what the bosses want; not to return any favour. Politicians re-elected should remember that the people do not owe them any favours for the past five years but instead, they now owe the people favours for the next five years.
III. Action

As the boss of our government, the people must clearly express their wishes and aspirations, and ask the political parties and candidates to fulfill our wishes. We do not have to enslave ourselves and be fettered to the political parties and politicians. Let us call upon all Malaysians to stand up and step forward, to organize ourselves and present our own needs and expectations (for example, building schools, building places of worship, rescinding toll collection for highways, provision of burial grounds, etc), and demand for the response of all political parties. Only after this will we decide our vote. We should not humble ourselves and approach political figures with our request in a subservient manner. Where on earth do we have bosses who condescend themselves to beg for things done? We bosses should ensure those with good policies and ability to satisfy our demands to come forth. In this way, whoever elected will respect or accept our demands.

We must respect ourselves to win other’s respect. If we know how to assume our role as the boss, political parties and politicians would have to seek improvement to avoid becoming obsolete. This will lead to more comprehensive and swifter development on the country’s political, economic, social and cultural fronts. This is the only way for a country to achieve real stability, prosperity and advancement.

“Only a smart boss could sustain improvement and development for a company.” We would like to share this with some 10.3 million bosses with voting rights all over the country.
The Bosses’ Action Plan

1. Convene meetings for residents to discuss the nation’s political, economic and local issues. Issue your own “Bosses’ Statement” and urge the political parties and other voters to take your demands and opinions earnestly.

2. Ask the political parties/candidates to make known their stand towards your “Bosses’ Statement”.

3. Monitor the media’s performance. Ensure that the voters’ voices are heard. Act against unprofessional media practice by way of complaint, critical comments, boycott and the like.

4. Monitor the elected candidates elected to see to it that they fulfill their promises.

*** This declaration was launched on August 23, 1999, before Malaysia’s 11th Elections were called.


4 responses to “Governments are bad masters if not made good servants.

  1. People are the boss
    Government like a company where People have a share.
    The company is the Country to be called.
    No people, no government to be exact!

    Parliaments are Board of Director to be elected via the process of GE.
    Constitution are the Memorandum of Article to act to state the Rights of the People and Obligations of the Government.
    Fairness be extended to both parties, where Human Rights to be rested.

    The Parliament and the Government has forget their obligations, ignoring fairness to return.
    So People has to exercise their Rights as Boss!
    GE is the Rights that ALL should exert!
    Or obligations and unfairness will continue to exist!
    However EC must be fair and Independent to act!!

    Human Rights provide fairness or equalities on partners involved,
    besides People, Government
    Buyer and seller or suppliers of goods or service
    Residents and City Council
    Citizens and Government office
    Readers and Newspapers
    etc. , etc.,
    Equality with Rights and Obligations are fairness to be for ALL!

    People have Rights to DEMAND for an Accountable, Transparent, Efficient and Answerable Government to be under an Independent Judiciary and Auditory.

    Anything wrong, the Boss have the Rights to Expressed and be answered and be corrected!
    A civilized and Democratic country to go!!

  2. Wake up!

    Fellow Malaysian!

    Be the Boss!

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