The unsung heroes in Bukit Gantang

How did Nizar win Bukit Gantang when UMNO was expected to win a slight majority of the Malay votes and the polling day on Tuesday prevented many Chinese who had returned for graveyard visit (Qing Ming) from staying on?

This was perhaps the answer. Most Malaysians who do not read Chinese may not have seen this advertisement which appeared on the local section of the major Chinese newspapers on April 4 (Qing Ming Day, Saturday).

It simply reads Nizar Loses! The picture of a disappointed Nizar says it all.

And the small-print at the bottom-left corner carries the most important message: Don’t let this become reality!

They even produce video clips:

Reportedly, MCA post-mortem cited this advertisement as the killer of their votes in Kuala Sepetang, where Chinese support for PAS was estimated to reach about 85%.

The advertisement has simply exploited to perfection the effect of insecurity and fear built into the Single Member Plurality electoral system.

Who came out with this brilliant idea?

The unsung heroes are two DAP party worker and volunteer, Lim Swee Kuan (pictured below) and Wong Long Han,supported by Liew Chin Tong MP.

This is just revealed in Swee Kuan‘s blog.

By securing a record high support of Chinese for PAS’s Nizar to save him from a defeat, they help send a clear message to UMNO coup-plotters and their mercenaries from MCA, Gerakan and MIC : don’t think about coup again. You will get punished.

As a Perakian, I thank you for doing us the justice.

As a Malaysian,I thank you for preventing future disasters.

Winston Churchil had this to say to the RAF that saved Britain from Nazi Germany:

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Swee Kuan and Long Han, I salute you from the bottom of my heart.


One response to “The unsung heroes in Bukit Gantang

  1. Bravo to the duo for their brilliant idea! And thank you!

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