Why Elections?

War-making and state-making [are] organized crimes. – Charles Tilly.

We have been told once and again, elections are disruptive and wasteful, and now, bad for economy!

Why are elections a must?

Why must we have elections to decide our governments?

Why can’t we opt for horse-trading amongst lawmakers, palace coup, the rule of judges, military coup, police mutiny, bureaucracy mutiny or mob rule ala Thailand’s People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) as alternatives to topple and install governments?

Provided the people do not protest, these methods may well be much more smooth, efficient, peaceful and attractive to certain types of investors.

So, why must you guys, the so-called liberal democrats and constitutional monarchists, protest?

The answer, in a nut shell, is elections distinguish a government from a mafia or triad.

For my full argument, read thenutgraph.com.


One response to “Why Elections?

  1. When Government works according to rules and regulations with transparancy and accountability,
    When there are a system of check and balance,
    When there are a system of enforcement and monitoring, then, it distinguished it from Mafia.

    Otherwise, the only difference is licensed or unlicensed! Or, official or unofficial!
    Especially when the Election system, rules and regulations are manipulated without being fair and neutral!!

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