One year after March 8


A year ago this time, I was at PJ DAP office keeping my eyes on the TV and computer screens with a bunch of journalists, party workers and voters. By then, we already knew that BN had lost its two-third parliamentary majority. What we were still not sure was that how many states would fall into the opposition’s hands.

In an ironical way, we are not far from there a year later. BN still has its two-third parliamentary majority denied. And we are still not sure that how many states will remain in PR’s hand.

A big difference lies between last and this March 8. Then, it was the verdict of electorate. Today, if any PR state changes hand – like the “constitutional kidnapping” in Perak – it would be the denial of electoral verdict by unelected institutions: the palace, the bureaucracy, the police, the judiciary, and even the MACC.

This is a trend we must stop before even the military is courted. But how do we stop it? Can we stop it?

I believe we can. If most Malaysians would tell the politicians that we will not tolerate any attempt to rape democracy, they would not attempt it.

But have you seen any business groups, professional groups other than the Bar, religious groups, community groups, sport clubs coming up to condemn the mutation, mutiny and muscle-flexing of the unelected institutions?

Is a future coup in their interests? Clearly no. But why don’t they protest?

We have not done enough to get the message through. This is the challenge before us while we commemorating March 8.


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