On Valentine’s Day – For the Love of the Sultan

What has Valentine’s Day got to do with politics?

In the Westminster design, the Monarch is the “dignified” part of the political system, while the executive is the “efficient’ part. in non-technical language, the Monarch’s main function is to be loved by all, to be the everyone’s Valientine, if you like.

Below is the excerpt of my article “For the Love of the Sultan” published at thenutgraph.com. —-

“If there must be one person whom everyone can look up and plead allegiance to, he or she must not be partial. The need to seek popular mandate in this sense has paradoxically become a disadvantage, making a dependence on the “genetic lottery” more sensible.

I would argue that this is the best defence for the constitutional monarchy. A head of state must be loved by all, for being loved by all is his or her main function.

A hereditary head of state fits best — although inherited leadership flouts democratic ideals — because he or she is free from electoral pressures and can therefore be dignified.

But dignity of the palace, the very rationale of constitutional monarchy, could be at risk in Perak and perhaps the entire country.

This is the best time for true loyalists to offer their services to the throne. Restore that dignity so that the monarch remains loved by all.

If the majority of Perak subjects want fresh elections, then the only way to mend the fence is to call for fresh elections. ……

The opinion poll result is a call of duty. If Zambry is a loyalist, now is the time for him to act accordingly.

If the people want him, he may return as the 14th menteri besar after fresh elections. If they do not, why should he insist on staying and tarnishing the reputation of the 481-year sultanate?

While others may argue if Nizar is Hang Jebat or Tun Perak, this is a good chance for Zambry to play Hang Tuah. For the love of the sultan, Zambry could ask urgently for the state assembly to be dissolved”

read the entire article at http://www.thenutgraph.com/for-the-love-of-the-sultan


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