My second reason for mourning – Markus Ng (1985-2009)

I am completely shocked to learn that you had passed on, Markus. I regret so much that I did not get the news earlier that I missed your funeral and memorial service.

I remember the last time we met in the PJ virgil and the supper we had with two of your juniors. For different reasons, I did not go to the vigil since then. I will go in the future when circumstances permit.

You had been a great person in your brief time on earth. You had touched many hearts and souls with your sincerity and passion to do good.

It is my pleasure to have been your university mate and friend. I remember my surprise to learn that you have come to Essex to study politics, after Cheng Boon. And I learnt later how you had been active in the Essex Malaysian Society. And all these are now history.

As your brother said, you have fought the good fights. We have ours to fight and I shall remember you when I fight mine. I shall remember you next time I sing Negaraku.

I have now another reason to wear black.


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