What if A GOOD government uses a BAD law on BAD people?

My article at thenugraph.com “Why Malaysia needs the ISA” has evoked many responses, including those passionate ones at Malaysia Today.

I questioned whether Malaysians truly oppose ISA, whether how many would defend Ahmad Ismail and condemn ISA if he alone was arrested under ISA.

Two of such responses are particularly illuminating:

***”written by Jan, December 10, 2008 16:15:57

If Ahmad Ismail alone was arrested I am sure most Malaysians would not protest against the ISA. Unfortunately between Ahmad and Tan Hoon Cheng they arrested Tan instead of the perpetrator. This goes to show the authorities are abusing their powers by using the ISA to clamp down on dissent.
This is further confirmed when they arrested Teresa Kok instead of that botox guy who’s spreading all the lies. What more proof do you need that this govt is abusing the ISA?

disagree 0; agree 4

***written by Jan, December 10, 2008 16:26:56
Just look at Tan Hoon Cheng the reporter. If she stood beside Ahmad guess who’s more likely to cause racial tension? Yet they arrested Tan and went on record to tell the rakyat they wanted to protect Tan. The Home Minister must think the Malayisan people are all dungus.

disagree 0; agree 3

They provide a very straightforward reason to oppose ISA: A BAD government is using a BAD law against GOOD people.

Now, what do you do if instead a GOOD government has used the BAD law against BAD people? Should we still oppose ISA?


2 responses to “What if A GOOD government uses a BAD law on BAD people?

  1. Yes we should still oppose ISA, because the premise is wrong.

    There is no good government on this earth.

    OK, this is a libertarian, anarchist, or mini-archist view, which I believe will prevail in the end.

    For fun reading, see here:


    Although miniarchists support law, court, and prison, ISA probably just goes too far, when there can be alternative laws.

    The idea of alternative crime-fighting laws can also be used to argue against ISA.

  2. This is my first time posting, so I may not know all the formalities, or informalities involved :D.

    but to answer your question with all due respect, I would still believe so.

    the problem with ISA is that it allows the potential for abuse, whether or not the abuse in itself occurs is, in my humble opinion, a non-issue.

    a good government would not allow himself to even touch such power. who, really, is a bad people that is truly bad that they do not deserve their right to defend themselves?

    desperation and power turn good government evil. a government is only good so far as they are pursuing an uphill battle. once they are on top, they seek to defend, and the ISA defends any government, good or bad, against their own people.

    I support you in full, because I believe you are a good person. It is my wish that ISA however is never needed by a good government.

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