PYWong: Why Anwar should not announce his shadow cabinet

I told PYWong on Monday that my column this week would be a call on Anwar to set up his shadow cabinet. Here’s his arguments against the idea published yesterday:

“1. Those that are appointed are going to be happy. Some may even be unhappy because they may think that they deserve more. Recall the case of the Deputy Cabinet Ministers from Sabah and Sarawak who resigned from Badawi’s Cabinet shortly after they were appointed. They expected to be promoted to full Ministership.

2. Those that are not appointed are definitely going to be disappointed. They may even develop amphibian characteristics resulting in an overwhelming urge to hop.

3. The potential BN cross-overs on seeing that all the Shadow Cabinet Ministry posts are filled up, may feel that there is no benefit for them crossing over and decide to stay put. If Anwar cannot persuade 30 MPs to cross over, he can’t form a government.”

He instead calls for a Shadow Committees which can rope in even the state assembly persons.

I think healthy debate is important. Will respond later today or tomorrow.


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