Selamat Hari Raya to all, including RPK and all ISA detainees!

I am not sure about the taste of you, RPK and other ISA detainees. But these are some of my Raya favourites. Hope you and they will like it.

Let us not forget them. As long as there is one prisoner of conscience, this nation is not free.

There are quite a few memorandums for you to sign if you want to do something: (this one is titled “Free Teresa, Abolish ISA” but its content cover all detainees.) (Caution: this one asks for just the release of detainees, but not the repeal of ISA) (this one addresses the root cause of the suppression – all draconian media laws and not only ISA. If you feel strongly against the show-cause letters to the newspapers (under the Printing Presses and Publications Act), the frequently used Sedition Act, the equally hazardous Official Secrets Act, this is the one you must support.)

What else you can do for RPK and others? Read Susan Loone.


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