Songs for RPK, Hindraf 5, Kickdefella and Other Political Prisoners!

On the very next morning after the recent ISA arrest, I called a brave but low-profile friend in the mainstream newspaper.  Depending on how wide the net was cast, we did not rule out the possibility that ourselves might join them soon. I asked my friend in the event of his detention what song he would like us to sing for him in the vigil. He thought for a while and text me his answer: “Born Free”.

Of course, he remains a free man. So is Hoon Cheng and Teresa. But many are still in there under ISA. And fellow blogger Kickdefella are now detained for investigation under the Sedition Act.

I would like to dedicate this song for RPK, Hindraf 5, Kickdefella, and all other political prisoners:

I told my friend I would get him a bonus track – and here I dedicate it too to our friends who have sacrificed their freedom for their political belief.

When I told Helen (Ang) about this conversation, she reminded me not to forget the song from The Hooters. So, here’s it for our friends in there.

May you all be free soon. You are born free. We are all born free.

The day when all political prisoners are freed and when there will be no more, we can celebrate the birth of a free nation.

If you want to end the draconian laws that police and suppress freedom of speech, sign the 2008 Memorandum for Media Freedom.


One response to “Songs for RPK, Hindraf 5, Kickdefella and Other Political Prisoners!

  1. where’s ur own song..i meant hindraf’s ,tamil,rpk song?owh maybe i forgot somethin’..u hv no root..

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