Abdullah will be asking for trouble if he detains Anwar under ISA

(courtesy: http://www.dulan.org)

Abdullah hints at the possibility of detaining Anwar under ISA.

He is silly not to realize the price his government has paid with the ridiculous ISA arrest on September 12.

Taking Anwar in? What kind of national threat does he pose to the country by merely wanting to topple the government? Anwar has not suggested any extra-constitutional means throughout his “September 16” campaign!

Abdullah must realize upping the ante could deprive him the opportunity of a graceful bow-out. If Malaysians cannot swallow the detention of Tan Hoon Cheng, RPK and Teresa Kok, can they stomach Anwar’s?

He should think 20 times before issuing any ISA order. Think about Ferdinand Marcos. BJ Harbibie would be a much better example to follow.

Instead of threatening Anwar and further destabilizing the country, he should indeed meet Anwar, to call his bluff or to get down to a transition plan.


One response to “Abdullah will be asking for trouble if he detains Anwar under ISA

  1. We should prepare for revolution, shouldn’t we? I already informed my teachers and classmates over here, they all said the Malaysian government is cracy.

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