Will Sept 16 be a public holiday?

Great that journalist Tan has been released. While we need to fight on to end ISA and free RPK, Teresa Kok, Hindraf 5 and many more detainees, let’s get back to Sept 16 for the moment.

Anwar has made two promises related to September 16. The first one is of course regime change. I won’t blame or redicule him for failure to deliver it. He is not in control of everything in this regard.

But he has also made a second promise. He has called for the Malaysia Day to be made a public holiday. While he cant make it a federal public holiday before coming into power, he can certainly make it a state holiday in the five Pakatan Rakyat states.

In fact, haven’t all the states agreed to this proposal, with the exception of Penang (which had earlier made August 26 a state holiday) to do it beginning next year?

Now, if you happen to live in Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan, are you going to work or school on Tuesday?

You are not sure because you have not got any news till now. Tomorrow is the last day for any announcement to be made.

It will be a test on Anwar’s credibility, especially in Selangor where his right hand man Khalid Ibrahim is the chief minister. If Pakatan Rakyat cannot even deliver something as small as a public holiday at state level – because it is not taking over the federal power – can you trust the coalition with bigger promises like abolition of ISA, media law reforms, local elections, etc……? Can the East Malaysians trust his new government to be different from the current BN one?

Haris Ibrahim and his gang at People’s Parliament are busily discussing the strategy of calling a hartal to protest ISA. A public hoilday – especially if also declared as an “opposition to ISA” day – will certainly help in that direction.

But will Khalid make any announcement before celebrating Malaysia Day tomorrow evening? Let’s see.

Happy Malaysia Day! May we enjoy our real independence soon.


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