OK… Selangor has never promised to make Sept 16 a public holiday

I have checked with my friends in the Selangor State Government. They said that the state government has never made a promise to make Sept 16 a public holiday.

I must blog this because my previous post might have given you an impression that the Pakatan Rakyat governments have made a false promise. Thanks to their clarification and my apologies here for the “misinformation”.

I was told that other PR state governments (except Penang which promised to begin it next year as it has made August 26 a state holiday) also have not made such commitments. I do remember reading the state governments signaling supports for that idea  even though I can’t find the URLs now. (Do provide the URLs if you find them) Perhaps they have just indicated willingness to consider but never come to a positive decision.

Now, the question is: why can’t even Anwar persuade the four other states to follow his suggestion? Whatever the reasons, how should we now read his criticism against BN for unwillingness to declare it a public holiday? Is BN excusable for rejecting the idea all these while? After all, how can you ask a non-believer (BN) of an idea (treasuring the Malaysia project and its birthday) to do more than a believer (PR)?

It just reminds me of local elections, freedom of information legislation, ……


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