Analysis v Judgement

One thing I have learned from economics and and thankful till today is the difference between empirical/positive analysis and normative judgment.

One is about knowing right from wrong. The other is about understanding why things, be it right or wrong, happen.

Why is such distinction important?

For if you mistake empirical/positive analysis for normative judgment, you will just accept everything that exists and see no reason why something must change. In other words, you become an unthinking conservative. [“Unthinking” here is used to qualify, not generalize. There certainly can be and are thinking conservatives.]

On the other hand, if you take normative judgment as empirical/positive analysis, you expect the world to behave according to your value system. And you may be a respectable idealist but you may not survive the reality.

Will ‘September 16’ happen?

I wrote a piece for which is mainly analytical than judgmental, except for the last part.

I believe Anwar will need more than 30 MPs. To be able to fend off racist attack that his government is one dominated by non-Muslims, he would need to have at least 23 Muslim parliamentarians, and with that maximum 26 non-Muslim ones. That would give him a moderate majority in the Parliament, 131 to 91. However, once he has 49, the number will snowball and there may not be simply BN.

To readers who calls me racist or BABI, you are entitled to your opinion. My job is analyst, and I sometimes do sit on armchair. Cheers!


3 responses to “Analysis v Judgement

  1. I think you started it off by mentioning BABI – Barisan Anwar Bin Ibrahim. 🙂

    That was just a statement of fact to point out the vulnerability of Anwar’s position before the invocation of ethnic fear. That term is certainly not my invention. In fact it was widely reported at least in the Chinese media.

    I used BABI instead of PR because the bogus shadow cabinet list was not issued by PR. Looking at one response that accused me of making BABI the acronym of Pakatan Rakyat, I suspect the person might have thought that the list was indeed PR’s.

    Perhaps I should have put “” on the phrase ‘BABI …… shadow cabinet list’. My oversight.

  2. stay cool chin huat

  3. Or BAI – Barisan Anwar Ibrahim. People out there are really touchy about pigs.

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