Gerakan, is being insulted by UMNO junior leaders a meaningful role in BN?

It is now beyond the “pendatang” statement. If Ahmad Ismail’s statement in the by-election was ever misquoted, the statements in UMNO Penang’s press conference were certainly not.

Penang Opposition Leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said it loud and clear: “What was written may lead to a racial riot. If such a thing happens, [the reporter] is the first person that should be shot.” Is that a cue for violence against journalists?

And some in the crowd shouted “Balik Cina!”

And Ahmad Ismail had openly asked Gerakan to leave BN if it wanted.

And Abdullah Badawi who met with UMNO Penang leaders censored none of these statements. He instead said “Ahmad Ismail is not a racist.

He is in fact endorsing Ahmad Ismail, his colleagues, their threat to journalist, and his insult against Gerakan.

And what’s Gerakan response? Koh Tsu Koon said: “Gerakan will leave BN if it no longer has a meaningful role”.

So, is being insulted by junior leaders of your ally a meaningful role?

That’s the question all Gerakan members had to ask.

Ahmad Ismail had made history. He is now the demolition man of BN, because Abdullah Badawi refuses or fails to stop him.

Without now an open apology of Ahmad Ismail to Gerakan, the mosquito party’s presence with some minimal dignity in BN is not tenable.

If Koh Tsu Koon cannot even persuade Abdullah to force Ahmad Ismail to apologize and at the same time refuses to take Gerakan out of BN, he will be the demolition man of Gerakan. He will have left the party with no dignity to make any come back.

Koh Tsu Koon has to decide if he wants to be a demolition man to his party like Ahmad Ismail to his.

It’s the moment of truth.


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