Ahmad Ismail – a sample of UMNO as Opposition?

Tulang Besi offers an interesting explanation for the racial slurs Ahmad Ismail and his gang: UMNO contractors in Pakatan states are jobless and easily agitated.

It is possible but I am worried that we may bee seeing the sample of a new species of UMNO: UMNO as Opposition.

If you think UMNO in power is disgusting, wait until you see UMNO as Opposition. An UMNO as Opposition that cannot see winning back power in the near future will see no reasons to act responsibly.

Isn’t that how UMNO Penang exactly looked in its press conference defending Ahmad Ismail?

What should we do then? Keep UMNO in power so that they behave more responsibly? Heed Abdullah’s advice and let Ahmad go? Certainly not.

As an ethnic bigot, Ahmad Ismail must pay the political price for his racist remarks.

As a corrupt employee of Malaysia, UMNO must be sacked latest by next election.

But we must also start thinking for a common future that embraces UMNO grassroots. Whether we like them or not, they are part of Malaysia. The new Malaysia we look forward to must have a place for them.

Some will accuse me of sending mixed messages.

Hammer UMNO now and threat them nicely later?

Yes. The winner must know how to make the loser feels secure.

If we hate UMNO for its exclusivist policy and discourse, we must not be the new UMNO.

“In an American election, there are no losers, because whether or not our candidates are successful, the next morning we all wake up as Americans,” John Kerry said that in his concession speech.

Let us remember this: if the power does change hand on September 16 or some later dates, we must assure the UMNO die-hards: “tomorrow morning, we all wake up as Malaysians.” You will loose only your political power, not everything else.

Self-righteousness and arrogance must be checked.

After being in power for 53 years (since 1955), it must be very difficult for UMNO leaders and members to accept their new role as the opposition. Let us be empathic and help them adjusting to the new reality.

This is not about being good to UMNO, but about being good to ourselves.

We simply cannot afford an irresponsible opposition filled with more people like Ahmad Ismail.


2 responses to “Ahmad Ismail – a sample of UMNO as Opposition?

  1. It was obvious the remark was racists. Dato Mahathir said in his blog, why apologize and double standard. Please who is facing double standard here. Clear picture UMNO is practising. Does Mahathir know what happen to hindraf? He said hindraf was not asked to apologize. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, worst was they were immediately put into ISA. What they are asking Ahmad to do, a mere apology. Even that now our honourable PM has covered up everthing for him, UMNO and cronies- just everybody not to prolong the issue. EASY AS THAT. Well then why don’t ask hindraf to just apologize and leaders too and RELEASE THEM immediately. Looks like government need to apologize to hindraft for putting them in ISA when Ahmad can just ignore everthing with PM covering up.

    Since what he altered is a racist remarks, put him under ISA too. Then we will agree that our government are fair to everybody.

    Apply the draconian ISA on them? Brother, we shouldn’t lower ourselves to UMNO’s standard, should we?

  2. 你怎么說 如何消除極端種族主義言論
    寄居論 请问国阵的支持者 如何看待这件事件,你们认为他们需要向华人道歉吗?还有你们认为他应该被控上法庭吗?
    Jamaludin 說什麽制度上的平等。??政府那邊能做到嗎?

    你怎么說 如何消除極端種族主義言論 1/5 => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyaOnfFjA2w
    你怎么說 如何消除極端種族主義言論 2/5 => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY94Gps7sl8
    你怎么說 如何消除極端種族主義言論 3/5 => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUBBNoS7EMw

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