Are you still a kid when you are 51?

Are you still a kid when you are 51?

Will you not feel insulted if you are asked this question? Unfortunately this has been the statement made everyday at your face.

Don’t believe me? Look at this chart by thenutgraph:

If you are not a kid, why do you need someone to decide what you can read and what you cannot?

Last week, a book “Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism” edited by my esteemed colleague Prof Norani Othman was banned by the Home Ministry citing Section 7 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act. The book was published three years ago and are used in numerous universities in the world.

On what ground that the book is banned? We don’t know. We don’t even know if the officers who ban it have read and understood it. Otherwise, tell me why it is banned only after three years. Do they take three years to understand its content?

Are you angry now? The book banning has just made our coming celebration of independence and nationhood a laughing stock. We are telling the world that we see ourselves as a bunch of kid that cannot even decide what to read and what not to read.

Are you angry now? Then don’t sit there and grumble.

Are you angry now? Go to and endorse the memorandum for media law reforms. Let us get as many signatures as possible for this campaign and present it to the national leaders on August 31 and to state leaders on September 16.

Let us do our bit for our second independence – to liberate ourselves from internal colonization.

Merdeka! Merdeka ! Merdeka!


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