The Nut Graph is now on!

Do you remember “”? They promised to launch a news portal after the elections. Here it is.

It’s “The Nut Graph”, a term in media writing referring to the paragraph after the lead that explains the news value of the story, or to answer the skeptics’ question: “so what? why should I care?”

Why “The Nut Graph”?

Here’s Jacqueline Ann Surin’s explanation:

“At The Nut Graph, we hope we will be able to serve public interest ethically, responsibly and with courage. The nut graph is the paragraph that explains the point of a story. In a nutshell, it tells readers why something is significant enough that it needed to be written and published and read.

What is of significance to the public’s interest is not always what is new or what is salacious. While it may be riveting coffeeshop talk to keep abreast of the latest sodomy accusations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, does it really serve the public interest if the media allocates so much resources to the latest twists and trysts at the expense of other larger issues that need serious national attention? As unsexy or “old” as the issue of urban poverty may be at a time when sex scandals are the talk of town, do we serve the public interest when we report on the scandals and forget about the stories of social inequality that really need to be told?

This is why, at The Nut Graph, we plan to not just do spot reporting of the latest breaking news; we plan to also connect the dots for readers so that we can all make sense of what’s going on in and outside the country, and so that we can respond intelligently and responsibly as informed and knowledgeable citizens. And we plan to carry out journalism that is as ethical, fair and responsible as possible. Where we fail, we hope we will be held accountable.”


One response to “The Nut Graph is now on!

  1. Hi, I’m part of the team that is managing the internals of The Nut Graph, and when doing a Google search, your review came up. For followers of your site, they might be interested to watch a video about Jacqueline and Cindy of The Nut Graph.

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