No calm before the Tsudomy?

Be warned, the Tsudomy is coming.

Will the allegation of sodomy against Anwar Ibrahim turn into another tsunami that will shorten Abdullah government’s lifespan if not end it immediately?

It looks like so. On one hand, the victim has walked into police station to give a testimony with a broad smile. On the other hand, Anwar is calling for a press conference to make ground-breaking revelations against his rival PM-in-waiting Najib. Go to his website to watch the live telecast but access may be a problem due to the expected huge traffic.

And KLSE has been shut down due to “multi-hardware failure and difficulty in connectivity”. One wonders if this problem will be solved by afternoon. After all, how many Malaysians would not think that this may be intended to prevent a collapse in the market should anything major happen today?

It is a time of trial. However, as a journalist friend reminds me, let us stay focused on the long term agenda and not react to every single development.

The question is, of course, would this tsudomy not sweep away our normal – even it is nothing usual now – political life with a constitutional government?

Let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


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