Empire Strikes Back – Anwar The Sodomizer Part II?

The BN government is to prosecute Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy for the second time?

The latest shocking news: Anwar’s 23-years-old aide Shaiful Bahari has apparently gone missing for two days and now appears to have lodged a report against his boss for sodomy.

Now, even if you believe Anwar Ibrahim is someone like Larry Craig, do you think he would be so stupid to do it again just less than four years after his release?

Kian Ming and Oon were right that in the case of RPK’s declaration, the damage is done on the reputation and credibility of Najib and Rosmah. 

Now, do you think the same applies to Anwar by presenting another damning allegation? 

For goodness’s sake, how can you win by playing the old trick twice when it failed to win over Malaysians and the world in the first time?

You think Malaysians are going to sit there seeing the de facto shadow prime minister to be thrown behind bar again?

You think Malaysia is Zimbabwe or Burma?

No, if you think so, you will only see an EDSA station in Kuala Lumpur LRT soon.

“Those God who wants to destroy, he first makes mad.”





4 responses to “Empire Strikes Back – Anwar The Sodomizer Part II?

  1. Please let us know,where DSAI now!!!!

    We will protect him till end.Yes we will..I’m about to gather more man power…They all gearing up for DSAI..No way they can drag him back to prison..This is mind blowing..What happening to Malaysia???How can they try this trick again to our hero..This is too much to even imagine..gather MP’s from PR and stand by him all they way..Forget Parliment,forget everything..We stand by DSAI and divert that 1 Million to him..He’s more important than any Oil ,Bersih or ISA demo..

    Fellow Malaysian,forget everything.all our chores and activities..We stand by him …We will and we will…Hidup DSAI..Jangan Gusar…Kita tak akan melihat DS ditarik masuk ke dalam land rover polis

    The above post is allowed in the spirit of free speech, not in support of any position.

    Fellow Malaysians, please stay cool. I am sure Saudara Anwar knows how to protect himself. Cool mind is as vital as brave heart at this stage.

    Let us not take any unlawful and undemocratic action. It will only serve the purpose of those with evil intentions. We must protect democracy by staying cool, thinking calmly before acting firmly.

    At this critical time, cool mind is as vital as brave heart.

  2. I can’t believe this new allegation… i feel extremely disgusted by the political motives behind this to defame Anwar by this same old dirty trick… Do they really think it will make people believe?
    This is certainly a very wrong move from UMNO/BN if they were behind this… the difference between allegation towards Najib and Anwar is, no one would be angry or protest against the allegation for Najib but you will see different scenario for Anwar. Certainly not the case of sodomy, again! I’m sure UMNO/BN will get the serious repercussion within if they move on to charge Anwar.

  3. Opps..who did it again? Anwar or the conspirator? Is the Government so stupid to fabricate the same issue or Anwar really did it and he just can’t stop ? Or this is Anwar’s conspiracy and plan with the Saiful Bahari himself?
    The truth will prevail.. who is the real culprit…

  4. anwar pse stop stupid things.you are giving so much problem to the our love Nation.

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