Petrol Hike and Demonstrations – the normalization of Malaysia?

After the first three demonstrations in the first day of petrol hike, you have another six yesterday. What would we have today? Nine more?

(Photos: Malaysiakini Chinese Edition)

Heeding the normal calls that we should look at things positively, I think Malaysia is becoming “normal” as a country.

In the past, the government has “protected” us both from the market mechanism and demonstrations. (One may even argue Malaysians’ submissiveness to the state may be partly attributed to its heavy role in economy.)

Today, as the government moves away from such “protective role”, the public is also moving away from
the “no-demonstration” culture.

Unlike the massive political demonstrations in the second half of last year, the anti-petrol hike demonstrations were rather small in scale and brief in time. Many of the demonstrators looked like ordinary folks who perhaps have never participated in such protests before. Best of all, the police have learned to respect Article 10 of the Federal Constitution and did not violate the demonstrators’ freedom of assembly.

Isn’t it a good thing that Malaysians are moving away from their dependence and fear of the state?

Yes, we are becoming a normal country where the government cannot do and order anything.


2 responses to “Petrol Hike and Demonstrations – the normalization of Malaysia?

  1. ah huat,

    i read fr OD ,this xie ching fat said
    u r coward!!!
    hide under the sarong during KLCC demonstration a few months ago.
    correct ahh?
    He also mentioned that u try to become a hero in WAMI but nothing has been done.
    pls respond to this,ok?
    be a man!

    Feel free to believe whatever you read. I have better things to do than to respond to him or to prove to you my gender. Have a good day!
    Ze Nan’s account is at

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