PR State Governments – Make Makkal Osai Permit-Free now!

One wonders how stupid the BN government can be . It has just rejected the application of the outspoken Tamil daily Makkal Osai to renew its publication permit.

It’s an old trick that Mahathir and Abdullah have played in the past.

We must now declare its death and organize its burial.

We now have the weapon to make such threat futile. (We have had it since 1990 but we just did not realize it or choose not to use it.)

The weapon is Section 25 of Printing Presses and Publications Act which states that

“Nothing in this Act shall extend to the publication or making of any documents or periodical by or for the Federal or any State Government or any statutory body.”

We can see Makkal Osai tomorrow back on the news stand if any of the PR State Governments will issue an authorization letter today for the daily to publish for the state. And no newspapers from now on shall be afraid of withdrawal of publication permits.

PR state governments should do this at once as (1) a principled act to uphold press freedom; (2) a repaying of favour to the Makka Sathi movement that sweeps them (especially in Penang, Perak and Selangor) into power.

Be the hero to rescue Press Freedom now – Guan Eng, Khalid, Nizar, Azizan and Tok Guru Nik Aziz!

All readers of Makkal Osai and supporters of Makkal Sakthi, please join this call of national service for the CM and MBs!

** Would anyone care to start an online petition to PR state governments? There is no reason why Malaysians can teach MIC a lesson but fail to save Makkal Osai!


3 responses to “PR State Governments – Make Makkal Osai Permit-Free now!

  1. The Selangor PR was pondering on using this section of the act to start their own papers. Giving Makka Ossai a permit is a GOOD start.

    What say you, Khalid Inrahim?

  2. Hey Chin Huat,

    Need you to shed some light on this. I came across this in kwong wah – najib : no snap election despite PR gaining advantage

    纳吉:民盟虽有夺权趋势 政府绝不闪电大选
    二零零八年四月十七日 凌晨十二时三十五分



    My question is, can the government call for election in the near future? I read somewhere there can be no by-election within the next six months. this also means that Anwar would not be able to be an MP until 8 September. Am I right? If i am not mistaken the government cannot call for general election until at least 3 years from the last election.

    Thanks for your answer. By the way did you communicate the authorization letter to Guan Eng personally? He must act fast to issue a permit so that other papers will not feel threaten and engage in unfair reporting.

    I don’t know what the basis is that by-elections cannot be held in the first six months after an election. In any case, a government certainly can opt for early election if it looses a no-confidence vote. Najib is perhaps signaling that Anwar’s threat will not come true.

    I do not communicate the authorization letter to Guan Eng personally this time. But DAP and Other PR leaders should be well aware of this as I have pointed out the loophole since two years ago. I have told Jeff Ooi in person when I shared the stage with him in a post-election talk organized by Suaram Penang.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I read about the 6 months limit for by election from merdekareview, by Lee Ban Chen.


    I cant recall where I read about that government can only call for GE 3 years after the last election(maybe that refers to a strong government). Your analysis makes sense, if a non-confidence motion is casted repeatedly, GE should be held.

    I will check on the six month limitation. As for no-confidence motion, whether tabled repeatedly is not an issue, it is its getting passed. Then the government will have to give up power if it chooses not to call a fresh election. An issue here is that the King may not grant its request. See my post on monarchy.

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