Who will be Anwar’s DPMs?

Since Anwar is so impatient to come into power, Malaysians – whether approval of party-hopping – deserve to know what team he will form to run the country.

Anwar should announce his shadow cabinet before further talks on cross-over.

If he does not accept the fact that 51.5% of the electorate, at least technically so (even though the probity of the elections is questionable), has rejected his coalition, he must at least recognize that BN did present a team (the out-going frontbenchers) for the voters to consider.

It’s therefore time for Anwar to announce his shadow cabinet.

Let us first start with his deputy prime ministers. Yes, I correctly use the plural form, for reasons I shall explain below.

The first – if only – deputy prime minister must be a Keadilan Malay leader. She or he must be ready to take over the premiership should any untoward development force Anwar into early exit or temporary leave from the office. Who would that be? Dr Wan Azizah? Dr Syed Hussein?

For the DPM is always seen as the next prime minister, it would be hotly contested. Given Anwar’s age and energy, people would likely look for someone younger than him. Who would that be? Azmin Ali? Khalid Ibrahim? Can any of them command the support from PKR’s two allies and the general public?

Of course, Anwar’s ultimate heir apparent need not to emerge now, but given the significance of the position, it will be hotly contested.

The following question: will there be only one deputy prime minister? PKR’s Sarawak chief Dominic Ng has already made promise of an East Malaysian DPM to be alternated between a Sarawakian and a Sabahan. Would this Borneo DPM be the second DPM?

If newly-joined partners can ask for a DPM post – even if just for symbolic meaning, one wonder why DAP and PAS would not ask for their own?

Especially DAP, having created two DCM positions – one for Malays and another for Indians – in Penang, would it not want similar forms of power sharing at the federal level too?

If DAP gets a DPM (likely to be Kit Siang), would PAS not get one as well (for Hadi perhaps)?

The question then is: how are the three non-successor DPM ranked? DAP, PAS, East Malaysian? PAS, DAP, East Malaysian? East Malaysian, DAP, PAS?

And now, what would Anwar have to offer to the turncoats from UMNO? It is unlikely the fifth DPM – so, it may well be the first DPM.

In fact, that may just be the wild card to get an UMNO heavyweight to orchestrate a massive exodus. With an ex-UMNO Keadilan leader taking up the heir apparent position, it may actually stabilize politics. Or at least, it can be so argued.

Has our imagination run wild or even gone mad?

Yes, may be, but shouldn’t we at least speculate the future scenarios than just waiting for the politicians to do horse-trading? Haven’t we had enough of the Deputy MB fiasco in Perak and Selangor?


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