Perak ahead in “local” elections!

There are one good news and one bad news.

The good news is that Perak will have its village chief elections as early as next month (April). (full news below) So we are seeing something new after March 8. Unlike his counterparts elsewhere, the PAS Menteri Besar has no problems with more elections.

On this count, Mr Nizar has shown more democratic credential than the PKR Menteri Besar in Selangor which have similar vacancies to fill up. Not sure if the Penang CM, Kedah MB and Kelantan MB are in similar positions.

The bad news will come in the next post.

Election of Perak village chiefs to start next month

BAGAN SERAI: The election of new village chiefs in Perak will start next month and not early next year following the end of their tenures on Dec 1.

Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said the mechanism and procedures for the elections would be relayed to the respective penghulu and district officers soon.

“The appointment of the new village chiefs must be made before May,” he told reporters after attending a meet-the-people session in Alor Pongsu near here yesterday.

Mohammad Nizar was commenting on the move by more than 700 village chiefs in Perak, who had agreed to resign from their posts. The group plans to submit resignation letters en masse to him tomorrow.

The mentri besar said the election for new village chiefs would be held like the election of office bearers of organisations such as a Parent-Teacher Association.

“Villagers can appoint a particular person but if the person declines, another person will be proposed and supported (via a show of hands),” he said.

He, however, said that members of Village Development and Security Committees would remain.

Responding to a question on the fate of bank accounts opened by the committees, Mohammad Nizar said the money kept in the accounts must not be withdrawn as they belonged to the villagers.

“We ask them not to withdraw such monies unless it had been agreed during a previous committee meeting.

“If no such resolution had been approved, they have to be held responsible for their actions,” he said.

Mohammad Nizar said once new village chiefs took office, they were required to vet the accounts.

It is learnt that some of the bank accounts had been closed and the withdrawn money was to be either spent on “lawatan” (tours) or donated to welfare organisations.

Mohammad Nizar said penghulu and district officers would also need to have an inventory of the furniture, equipment and computers supplied to committee-administered community halls.

“No one has the right to take them out from such halls,” he said.


One response to “Perak ahead in “local” elections!

  1. Who’ll attend to those elections? SPR or state gov entities? What about KL?

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