Syed Husin Ali: Palace should respect the voice of majority

PKR’s deputy president, Syed Hussien Ali has called for the Terengganu Palace to respect the voice of the people and the majority of the state lawmakers.

Now, that’s what I call a man of principle. If every politician in PKR is like him, we would have a party of principle. I wish other opposition politicians will join him to affirm their commitment to democracy. It would be a very sad thing if Syed turns out to be the conscience of PKR and the opposition coalition.


2 responses to “Syed Husin Ali: Palace should respect the voice of majority

  1. tx 🙂

    it is worth noting though, that usually these statements represent the party leadership as a whole, not just one man 🙂

  2. “Whilst I support the need to uphold the Constitution, I wish to prompt as to the following:
    – How do we really know as to whether all the other Umno Assemblymen genuinely support Idris Jusoh? It has been reported that the said Assemblymen were “locked-up” and also that a good number of them supports Ahmad Said.

    – Maybe the Sultan of Trengganu has been advised that not all Umno divisions and/or branches support Idris, or that a good majority actually supports Ahmad Said?

    – Perhaps too we should factor in the likelihood that Umno won over Trengganu through dirty tactics, eg through the help of phantom voters, etc?

    – Given Umno’s control of the MSM, we should be careful before concluding, especially when we are making judgments based on what we can only see or what we have been told.

    If the General Elections had been fair, I would have no hesitation to support the view that the Monarch must ratify the views of the majority of state lawmakers. However, we must also not dismiss the judgment of the Sultan who may have valid views as to the suitability of a particular candidate (in which case, it would only be wise for Umno to propose an alternative name).

    But in this case, it is more tricky, and I believe that one solution is where the Sultan is to meet up with each of the Umno Assemblymen privately and figure out from there (will think about this ‘further’ and will see what you have to say).

    Anyway, it is perhaps timely for the Constitutional Monarch to be deemed as the fourth check and balance element against the conventional 3 branches of the State, namely the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.”

    Would we say the same thing had Perak or Selangor Sultan questioned if the opposition lawmakers truly support the formation of new government and chose to side UMNO, especially in Perak where the majority was so slim?

    If no, then don’t use inconsistent argument to justify what happened in Terengganu simply because we do not like UMNO.

    As whether to have Constitutional Monarch to check and balance the three branches of the government, the problem is that monarchy is an unelected institution (like the Legislative and Executive), and neither assigned power for its merit and competence (like the Judiciary). It clearly has the power to weigh in when things are unclear, the question is now the palace wants to interfere even when things (majority support for Idris Jusoh) are crystal clear on surface.

    Let us not justify our means with our ends. Menteri Besars come and go, but constitutional precedences do not.

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