New Ruling Parties Listen to Their Bosses – Kit Siang has apologized to Perak Sultan and Regent!

Kit Siang has apologized in a two-paragraph statement to the Perak Sultan and Regent.

This shows the new state-level ruling parties do listen to their bosses. They may make mistake but they are willing to correct it when the public show displeasure.

Kudos to Kit Siang and DAP for the change in stand.

Kudos to all Malaysians who responded to the development. With smart bosses, Malaysia will have good servants.

My hope now is that both the Selangor palace and Selangor new ruling coalition will also heed public opinion in the appointment of the state’s deputy chief executive.

It is sad that the Selangor Sultan’s private secretary Datuk Lela Bakti has said Selangor deputy MB should be a Malay too. I hope that was only his personal opinion.

Malay royalties have long evolved from the guardian of Malays to guardian of all Malaysians within their states.

Perak Sultan’s appointment of the first Indian deputy MB shows his sharp understanding and appreciation of the new political reality and signals all his subjects that there will be more political inclusion in Perak.

As a Perakian, may I proudly sing the state anthem: “Dilanjutkan Allah Usianya Sultan…”

p/s: does anyone have the Perak anthem in digital format? I will truly appreciate it.


5 responses to “New Ruling Parties Listen to Their Bosses – Kit Siang has apologized to Perak Sultan and Regent!

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  2. Yes, DAP (Lim Kit Siang) & other Barisan Rakyat parties listern to this:

    The Rakyat can make you as strong as they want you to be But they can also take that away from you as shown in previous GEs.
    You are here to serve the Rakyat.
    Donot repeat your past mistakes (or the mistakes of UMNO)

  3. I am simply delighted that good senses are prevaling after our hard fought battle with BN.

    I also accept that some “bumps” were to be expected. However it is a little unfortunate that a mis-step by a season person like LKS had to be this bump.

    Lets look forward now.

  4. At the time you wrote this I believe you were not aware of the latest developments.
    PKR has threaten to pull out from the coalition government of Perak for not having enough seats.

    It looks like there is a long way before three parties could come to real understanding. Hope they will be able to wither all differences soon.

    You are right. Last I heard is that they have sworn in. Will comment when things are clearer. I am positive that things will work out as power is the best glue.

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