Elizabeth Wong: Don’t call me YB!

Two days ago, I have received an email from a reader:

“I do not know where to put up this suggestion. So, I write to you as I do not belong to any party.

The new MPs of the Opposition should from now on not be accepting titles such as –

Yang Berhormat for a start but should chagne it to Yang Berkhidmat or Yang Berkorban.

Secondly, they should not expect to receipt pangkats like – Datuk, Datuk Sri, Tan Sri, Tun Sri, Seri Paduka etc etc. These titles only make people BIG headed and make them think they are now bosses to be served and no longer representatives of the people.

Please if you can some how, convey my sentiment to Anwar Ibrahim. All politicians should be referred to as Mr. so and so or Ms. so and so.”

To her disappointment, I don’t have personal access to Anwar Ibrahim. Today, I find that her request has been answered.
The new state assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan, Elizabeth Wong, posted this on her blog: “And don’t call me YB please“.

Eli Wong

More importantly, Eli did not forget her commitment to push for law reforms. She texted me the second day after polling to tell me that there would not be a private member’s bill on “freedom of information” as Selangor’s new state government would do it as a government bill.

Today, I received a call from Nie Ching, the new MP for Serdang, asking me when CSI-Parliament plans to begin meeting with the lawmakers on private member’s bills. I have to say I am really impressed by her sincerity and commitment. I hope she will keep these qualities even when she becomes a veteran.

Nie Ching

All in all, I am very glad to see our new ruling parties and their law makers are proving that it is all possible for politics not to be business as usual.


6 responses to “Elizabeth Wong: Don’t call me YB!

  1. such a good step for “yang berkhidmat”, pls dont identify wakil rakyat as “yang berkorban”.
    last saturday was peoples’ victory day, new malaysia was borned.
    support you all.
    thanks DAP, PKR ,PAS and malayisan.

  2. we rarely online. but we will support you, and my whole family too ! ^ ^

    Be with us.

  3. YB Elizabeth Wong,

    You have the mandate of the rakyat!

    A word to all rakyat Malaysia. Losing a good leader is a loss to the community.


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