Abdullah bans an article critical of him in Time Magazine

According to an exclusive report of Merdeka Review (in Chinese), an article critical of Abdullah “Poll Positioning” (page 28-29) in the  latest issue of the Time Magazine have been removed under the order of Internal Security Ministry’s Publication Unit.

The article was critical of Abdullah’s performance and commenting on “sensitive issues” including PM Abdullah’s private life and Mrs Jeanne Abdullah’s dressing style, the unit deputy chief Razak Abdul Latiff reportedly said.

Time article

On the “list of content” page, the article’s abstract says “UMNO’s election win is inevitable, but gnawing issues may cut its share of the vote.” It seems the article was written before the polling result is known.

I respect Abdullah (and Tsu Koon for that matter too) for gracefully accepting the humiliating setback. For all his criticisms on Abdullah, I cannot imagine Dr Mahathir saying things like “this is how democracy works”.  I believe Mr Abdullah will be remembered well in the history for his response and wish him a dignified exit when the time comes.

I do not know whose idea it is to ban this article. Whoever s/he is, the person is creating another trouble for Abdullah’s last months, as if what he has not enough of that.

Don’t the officer-in-charge of censorship knows the existence of scanner and digital camera? The article can easily be digitalized and spread through email and internet. It is therefore stupid to attract more attention to it.

I however cannot find the article on line. The article closest to the description I find from the magazine’s website is one titled “Malaysia’s Leaders Suffer Setback” at http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1720739,00.html.

If you are now in overseas and have a copy of the latest issue of Time, please scan the removed pages (28-31) and share it with us.  We must break the control on information in all ways.


6 responses to “Abdullah bans an article critical of him in Time Magazine

  1. Hey Chin Huat,

    I tried my luck in a few magazines store in London but couldnt find it. The latest issue on the shelf here is 17 March. They have taken down 10 March issue. Will try look for it at bigger stores tomorrow though dun think i can find it.

  2. What the BN govt does not want you to read is available here:


    The only significant (so-called “sensitive” by the authority) portion is following:

    “Abdullah may come from a good Muslim family, but he does not make his wife wear a veil,” says Fadzil Darus, a grocery-store owner in the Kepala Batas village of Pasir Gebu, who plans to vote for the Islamic party.

    An accurate reflection of a hypocrite Dollah who never stops capitalising his “imam” image for political gains? You decide.

  3. please share with me too if you get it, Thank you

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  6. haha….freedom of speech? a small critics make him chicken out?

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