Guan Eng also promises Freedom of Information Enactment in Penang

According to the report by Malaysiakini,

“Lim said that among the first thing that his administration would do is to enact a Freedom of Information Act and seek all public office bearers to publicly declare their personal assets.

He has also said that the government will look at restoring local council elections and will hold open tenders for all government procurement and contracts.”

Kudos, Guan Eng! Kudos, DAP! Kudos, Penang State Government!

We must encourage healthy competition amongst the five new state governments.  Penang and Selangor are now leading in the race. Hopefully Perak, Kedah and Kelantan will catch up too.


3 responses to “Guan Eng also promises Freedom of Information Enactment in Penang

  1. The general feeling that one gets is our preferred parties have started working on things that had been our dream. Hope the dream becomes reality that brings prosperity to every Malaysian.

  2. How do mean by freedom? Every State Assemblyman can be the spokesman of DAP? Like Ronnie Liu ? He can be the spokesman of DAP. Which part of DAP party rules and regulations allow him speak on behalf of DAP? Unless Lim Guan Eng and Karpal already resign as a SG and National Chairman respectively. Is it freedom of speech?

    Freedom of Information Enactment refers to the law that maximizes the public access to official information.

  3. Yap,

    What are you babbling about? The party is united behind Lim Guan Eng. Just like BN is united behind Pak Lah. Take your grouses elsewhere. If you want to jump ship, go ahead. Go and join the mca. DAP can do away with people like you and Goh Leong San.

    I believe a bit more tolerance for dissidents is important for a victorious party.

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