Make you votes count – Support the campaign for Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (RCER)!

Dear Friends,

The country does not become better because you complain how bad things have become. It only becomes better when we roll up our sleeves and clean up the rubbish.

Whether you are registered to vote, whoever you will vote if you can and will exercise your right, we at BERSIH appeal to you to endorse this petition to His Majesty the King (Yang Di-Pertuan Agong) to set up a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform. To set-up such a commission is a royal power which needs not recommendation or advice from the government. In other words, all we need here is many many many Malaysians stand up and express our request to His Majesty.

Will you just do that? Some parties and candidates are already doing that on the ground. If you want the judiciary be cleaner, the law be fairer, the police be reliable, the streets be safer, the price be stabler, you will need a government that will listen to you respectfully and attentively. You will have such a government only when you have the power to sack it entirely or some of its members.

Please sign the  memorandum online or help collecting signature. Election is not the end of our efforts for electoral reform. You can continue doing this after polling.


Chin Huat

Memorandum to Request for a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (RCER)

Ke bawah DYMM SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong,

We the undersigned Malaysians, in support of the suggestion by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH), appeal to Your Majesty to set up a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (RCER) promptly after the 12th General Elections on this March 8 (Saturday).

Urgency of Electoral Reform

We have no confidence in the cleanness, freeness, fairness and transparency of the electoral system and process, in all four aspects of polling, contestation, electoral system and electoral administration.

· The probity of polling is marred by severe instance of contamination of electoral rolls, fraudulent registrations, massive transfer of voters, impersonation (phantom voters), multiple voting and non-transparent postal voting for security personnel.

· No level playing fields are observed in contestation with short campaign period, selective restrictions on campaigning, media control, unchecked over-spending, and breach of administrative neutrality.

· Marred by blatant mal-apportionment and gerrymandering, the electoral system has produced such deplorable seat-vote disproportionality where by BN won 91% of seats with mere 64% of votes. In two years’ time, the EC can redraw the constituency boundaries again.

· The Election Commission has acted in very partisan and unprofessional manners in conducting elections. Election laws give little room for judicial recourse on election irregularities and do not provide for the rights of observers.

As to date, EC has failed to adequately meet BERSIH’s five basic demands for a minimum electoral reform: (a) a thorough clean-up of electoral rolls; (b) employment of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting; (c) abolition of postal voting for military and police voters; (d) free and fair access to media; (e) a campaign period of 21 days.

As it stands, the probity of the elections may be tainted by widespread instances of frauds. Planted and phantom voters are being found in numerous marginal constituencies.

Royal Power to Appoint RCER

We appeal to You Majesty to exercise your royal discretionary power under the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950 (Revised 1973) to appoint and authorize a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (RCER) whose terms of reference should cover:

(a) matters of cleanness, freeness and fairness in the entire electoral process;

(b) fact-finding and investigation into any allegations of election fraud, irregularities and misconduct in the 12th General Elections.


One response to “Make you votes count – Support the campaign for Royal Commission on Electoral Reform (RCER)!

  1. Chin Huat,

    Please STOP any more Campaign
    When Bersih cannot take even a EC Chief to Court
    When Bersih cannot even got the endorsement from HRH
    When Bar Council had lead 2-3,000 of his member to endorse 3-man panel
    and did not protest even a Comedy 5-man RCI coming to the Stage!
    When Bersih cannot even CLEARLY states ONLY 1/2 of the Parliament Seats can ENABLE the Reform of Parliament, Constitution, Laws to provide any possible CHANGE!

    People should be asked to provide POWER at election for Politicians to Work
    and not Campaign after Campaign
    when the NEED of 1/2 of the Parliament Seats cannot even be CLEARLY be Declared in the GE!

    PEOPLE, PLEASE GET 1/2 OF THE PARLIAMENT SEATS and let Politicians work!

    PEOPLE SHOULD B THE BOSS OF THE POLITICIANS and not to Flock into Campaign after Campaign.


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