Chinese Assembly Hall: Replace Bumiputeraism with Welfare Policy!

This is a news that not covered by most newspapers.

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall has issued a 14-point statement of “Elections Recommendations and Outlooks” after nomination. The most progressive Chinese association called for an end of Bumiputeraism and its replacement with raceblind welfare policy.

It says: “To replace Bumiputeraism with a Competitive Welfare Policy”. We want the new Federal Government to abolish the obsolete and discriminative Bumiputeraism policy and replace it with raceblind welfare policy. We propose that the welfare policy to be focused on the provision of free education and healthcare, as well as reasonable subsidy of basic needs such as water, electricity, public housing and public transport.” (See Merdeka Review and Malaysiakini Chinese)

The statement did not elaborate further what it means by “competitive welfare policy”. From its stress of state provision of basic welfare, with no mention at all of any transfer like unemployment benefit, an observer says, the Hall may be pointing to some form of welfare state that would not inhibit economic competitiveness.

PAS in its manifesto has called for Welfare State while PKR’s manifesto released today also promise to “replace the New Economic Policy with affirmative action policies based on need rather than ethnicity to ensure that all impoverished Malaysians are given the means to empower themselves and break the cycle of poverty.”

The messages seem to converge on one point: Bumiputeraism must go and be replaced by some raceblind welfare programme.

The question is: will Chinese vote against Bumiputeraism?


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