BN spent RM 1 million in three days on print advertisement

Thanks to the leadership of Transparency International and the hard work of its secretariat, we now have the figure of how much BN has spent on the print advertisement. For the last three days, the amount is RM 1.049 million.

Monitoring on TV advertisement will begin this evening.


4 responses to “BN spent RM 1 million in three days on print advertisement

  1. The important point is if this is a violation of the Election Act?
    And, how are these amount to be accounted for each and every of the BN candidates?
    From the amount of Poster for ABB, I believe in reality, he has already exceed the limit!
    A good point to void their seats even if they went through the GE?
    But, where to find the Team of Lawyers who are to act before and after GE?
    Or just a Walk like Bar Council to Putra Jaya to endorse the 3-man panel instead of insisting RCI?

    If no party had been organized to act, the information serve only a JOKE!

  2. Sounds too little to be true!!

  3. We, the electorate don’t give a damn to election expenses. We decide who wins. The Philippinos voted a housewife into political office many,many years ago. Our respectable Muslim brothers voted the ‘poor’ PAS into power for Kelantan & at one time Trengganu too. In a democracy, the people’s choice is more supreme over money (of course, if the people are not easily bribed). The huge election money used anywhere in the world, only serve the corrupt collaborators. Both God and Satan know there is nothing we can do about. So u can imagine how precious is our vote.

  4. such a waste of money which could be used to help the poor. why must u advertise what u hav done. if u have done your job well, the rakyat would know it. but no, u r like begging the rakyat to trust u again. 50 years of trust is more than enough. u did not fulfill ur promises and therefore we wont trust u anymore.

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