Bloggers has forced the birth of “Barisan Rakyat”!

With six parties – PAS, PKR, DAP, MDP, PSM and Pasok – signing up to the People’s Declaration and promising a straight fight against BN, bloggers led by Haris Ibrahim has forced a declaration of the birth of “Barisan Rakyat” with the parties’ representatives giving a “passive/quiet” consent.

I could not make it. Here’s RPK‘s report:

“The PEOPLE’S VOICE and the PEOPLE’S DECLARATION were officially launched today, 23 February 2008, at the Blog House in Bukit Damansara. Six political parties — DAP, PAS, PKR, MDP, PSM and Pasok — endorsed the Declaration and promised to adopt it as part of their 2008 Election Manifestos. They also announced that the election will be a straight fight between Barisan Nasional and Barisan Rakyat.”


2 responses to “Bloggers has forced the birth of “Barisan Rakyat”!

  1. Hello

    Is this my (and also the Rakyat’s) dream come true?? Do we really have a People’s Party to oppose the BN for the right stuff?

    For 50 years the BN has ruled and we can’t say they’ve not achieved nothing – but they have become arrogant and self-seeking and it is time for us, the Raykat, to make a stand – if not for ourselves at least for our descendents, be they Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, Natives of the jungle ie the original land of Malaya, Malays and the others.

    I hope that all Malaysians who grouse about the then ruling government will be bold enough to stand by their comments and take a stand to make a difference for Malaysia, our country and our homeland.

  2. d suggestion 2 adopt d name change 4 d opposition was e-mailed 2 one of d Opp. Member party weeks b4 parliment was dissolved by someone who was not efficient with a computer. He was very worried that d B.A. would b re-used. So 2 reflect d sincerity,d urgency & d nobleness of d new Opposition Front a re-branding excercise is ultimately necessary 4 an auspicious beginning. D feel good factor now is in d Opp.court this time round bcoz we now hv D.S. Anwar 2 spearhead d mood. Do not engage antics of Art of War now bcoz d aggressiveness would propel u 2 d negative zone. Use instead d Art ofTao which promotes d effect of d people’s power that can hit like a tsunami. Always remember:Humility in victory is d mother of all victories.

    Perhaps I am old-fashioned. I would appreciate if people type in daily English rather than internet English.

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