One Exciting Election, Three Crazy People, One Great Start-up 2


George Bernard Shaw also said this: “All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”

Below are the words of the on why they get into this start-up.

Dear friends,

Some people think we’re mad. After staying up till the wee hours over the past week to set up this humble little project, and considering there will be more sleepless nights ahead, I’m inclined to agree. Still, as George Bernard Shaw once said: We want a few mad people now. See where the sane ones have landed us! So, mad we are, and we’re gonna have fun while we are at it.

The three of us have launched an online news site to cover the ongoing 2008 general election called

It’s a free site that we hope can provide, in a small way, credible and independent news about the going-ons and issues in this general election. aims, wherever possible, to provide news about the main issues that the nation is grappling with as we go to the polls, as well as news on the elections that would not gain either the attention of or fair coverage from the traditional media in Malaysia.

Specifically, we will report news and the mood from the ground in the following areas:

  • hot seats: whether it’s the big fight up in Penang between the DAP and Gerakan or the challenge Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will face in Sungai Siput post-Hindraf rally, will report on what the issues are, what the candidates are promising, and what mood the electorate are in.
  • the fight in rural Kelantan: Danny Lim promises to keep urban, Internet-connected readers in touch with what goes on during the election campaign in the kampungs of Kelantan where Umno will slug it out with PAS. This coverage will demonstrate how Malaysia is a complex nation with diverse interests, terrains and political persuasions.
  • noteworthy independent candidates (if any): charting the independent’s trail will give readers a sense of what independent candidates are offering, how they are bucking the trend of political party politics, and the challenges an individual faces should s/he decide to contest in an election.

Additionally, will provide picture essays; video reports where possible; analysis and commentaries by Cindy, Danny and Jacqueline or expert political observers; and facts about the elections that will answer questions such as how much it costs to run in an election, and why Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cannot contest because the election is being held before April 2008.

We hope you will visit our site to read more. We also very much welcome comments and contributions to the site. We have much to learn and any help or constructive criticism will be taken positively.

The Team

Cindy Tham
Danny Lim
Jacqueline Ann Surin


One response to “One Exciting Election, Three Crazy People, One Great Start-up

  1. Never mind if on March 8 we can’t have DS Anwar on the ballot paper b.cos all is not lost yet. Most important of all is DS Anwar must remain in good health & is assissting Barisan Rakyat in the battleground. We can always welcome him back at a later date. We have to be patient, Rome was not built in a day so is Barisan Rakyat. BUT if GOD is willing, there is nothing that can stop HIM from creating a great Barisan Rakyat and giving it life on March 8.

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