Support Po Kuan, Elizabeth Wong and other good women candidates!

A netizen by the name of Chris Chen has set up a petition for the candidacy of Po Kuan, Elizabeth Wong and two other women candidates.

The petition calls for more effort from the DAP leadership to persuade Po Kuan to change her mind and to support the candidacy of three PKR women candidates (Eli Wong, Christina Liew and Gan Pei Nei) so that “the opposition will win four more seats”.

The petition reckons DAP as “as a magnanimous party which can put the nation’s interest before its own” and “that pay attentions to and respects the people’s aspiration”.

So, would you want to do your part to keep Po Kuan in active politics? Sign here.


4 responses to “Support Po Kuan, Elizabeth Wong and other good women candidates!

  1. my comment purely on the issue, nothing personal, and i do not even know P. Kuan in person.
    if we are still remain the mindset that, without P kuan, DAP will lost the b gajah seat….that reveal a few weakness on the DAP by itself…
    1. no one is indispensable…..
    2. if she cannot be filled within 24 hours, that means DAP has no back up…
    3. Politic is full of changes, could be within hours….if there is no option A B or C… is either the leader cannot find the backup or refuse to train backup so that those present ‘heavy wieght’ candidates are not easily challanged and keep their hot seat.
    4. If P. kuan leave the B.Gajah just like that, for the “unresolved internal DAP issues”, it is again, she is not capable to resolve, or she choose to be quiter, or she is not ‘heavy’ enough…so she is replaced…
    5. in politics….this is just another chapter.

  2. Resolution between Poh Kuan and DAP should be taken as a good exercise between Party and Representative.
    Taking the effort to put every queries, pros and cons on the table for an open-minded discussion will benefit both!
    For Party, priority for Party and Representative should be points of balance.
    For Representative, Party, People and her/his own Family should be points of balance.

    People need to see how Party and Representative communicate to provide solution!

  3. Too much damage has been done. No one is indispensable. Let her go and campaign for BN if she wants to.

    It’s very unfair to see Po Kuan as a turncoat. Indispensability should not be a convenient excuse for undercutting colleagues. If that must be the overarching principle, I am afraid Po Kuan would not be the first one to apply.

  4. chin huat,

    i’m wondering why is the petition addressed to DAP leadership when 3 of the 4 names they are lobbying for are PKR members and candidates. Shouldnt it be sent to PKR? LGE doesnt have any say on who PKR intends to nominate.
    is the person behind this petition clueless to who is in which party OR is he trying confuse people and paint a bad picture of DAP?

    I think she is calling for DAP to give way to the other three women candidates.

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