Poh Kuan quits! The old question of candidacy selection……

The “rumour” has finally been confirmed. Out-going DAP Batu Gajah MP Fong Poh Kuan is not defending her seat.

She cited “the development of internal party events in the Perak DAP over the last few years as the reason for her decision” in her email to Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General circulated to the media. (theSun)

“It has become impossible for me to continue serving effectively, efficiently and wholeheartedly as a party leader as well as an elected representative of the people. Under such circumstances and in the best interest of all concerned, I have arrived at this unavoidable and difficult decision,” she said in the e-mail.

Fong’s decision is speculated as caused by her rift with secretary Nga Kor Ming, DAP Socialist Youth Chairman who is eying her seat, which has become safe for DAP after Fong’s two term. (Merdeka Review , in Chinese) She has recommended incumbent DAP’s Pasir Pinji assemblyman Thomas Su Keong Siong to succeed her. 

DAP Perak Chairman Ngeh Koo Ham, who happens to be also Nga’s cousin claimed that “the party’s candidate selection committee had informed that she had been selected as the candidate for Batu Gajah.”

I am sure that the Parliament would be much different without Fong the “Chili Padi”. The greater question to me is: when will the problem of opposition politicians fighting over safe seats (or allegations thereof) end? We are also seeing DAP-PSM, DAP-PKR disagreement over seat allocation.

Will the best candidates emerge at the end after all the negotiation, lobbying and protest? In a time of pro-opposition mood, many people will vote strategically for the most winnable opposition candidate, whoever the person is. This makes party label extremely useful and party leaders who control party nomination extremely powerful.

What are the chances that the opposition top leadership will make their choices based on the winnability of the candidates? I don’t know, but I don’t see what can stop party leadership from practicing favouritism over other criteria.  That means we need to pray hard that the party top leadership are political saints.

Why can’t we have some more intelligent ways of candidacy selection, either through balloting amongst party cadres, or through opinion poll in the constituencies? If we have some functional equivalent of American primaries, would we not have a better line-up of opposition candidates?


5 responses to “Poh Kuan quits! The old question of candidacy selection……

  1. A Good &Practical Question!!
    The answer is shameful and rotten
    when party direction overrides the built relationship of the representative and her people!

    This answer should also raise the query how a strange Candidate can parachute into a strange Constituency in between them they do not know well of each other to work!

    Another funny spot of Malaysian Election system!!
    PEOPLE RELATIONS are not to be built but only at the moment of GE??

    When many Candidate can be crazy with the temptation of nominated and voted
    I salute her points for protesting the shifting unless that will provide a continuation or expansion of her relationships with more folks including those previous of her!


  2. When i see the road infront of my house, was reduce from 40′ to 20’…i know some one up there is not doing his/her job….
    when i see there is no drainage system by the road, i also know those YB talking laud during election campaign are just bulshiting…..
    For P.Kuan, i neither feel sorry of sad on her decision, just that she have to wake up that politics exist if there are more then 2 people around…not to mention the DAP and the nation as a whole…………………if she cannot play well within DAP, how do i expect her to perform better at national level????? if she cannot overcome those ‘unresolved issues” within DAP, then forget about those bigger issues at national level??????

  3. I always thought that the DAP always know what is black and what is white.
    I’m surprised that this does not seem to be the case.
    I don’t know whether FPK has taken up the matter with the top party hierarchy before reaching her decision.
    She should have.

  4. People say politics is complex
    It’s healthy to have some positive reflex
    People say politics is dirty
    It’s certainly true for those whose intentions are filty

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 210208
    Thurs. 21st Feb. 2008.

  5. Cillipadi come lately? Sweet sweet as can be…
    (looking forward to her return)

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