First the Parliament, Now the Palace?

A few FRU trucks, including one with water canon, are now surrounding the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall  (KLSCAH) to stop a few delegates of BERSIH whom they thought would be gathering near the historical building before moving to the palace to submit a memorandum to the King.

There must be some BERSIH secretive sympathizers in the Police Force that want to ensure all BERSIH events get international attention.

What kind of government will prevent its citizens from approaching the office of its head of state?

I feel sorry for Abdullah. He has first sent the supposedly Royal Police to invade the Parliament on last December 11 to stop citizens submitting memorandum to parliamentarians, making him on par with Charles I.

Now, is he sending some signals to the Palace which is a just a stone’s throw from the KLSCAH?


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