On Elections – When will be the Polling Day?

The author has compiled the nomination dates and polling dates of past General Elections (1955-2004) into a pdf file. Click the following link to download the pdf file:

–> DOWNLOAD 1955-2004 Nomination and Polling Date

No one knows the answer. The EC will have its meeting tomorrow. But here are some interesting facts to ponder upon.

Since 1986, the actual election period – counting from the dissolution of the parliament or its announcement to the polling day – has never be longer than 20 days.

For the twelve elections since 1955, the EC has tried every day in the week except Friday. Some days were used more often than the others:

1. Sunday (3) – 1986, 1990, 2004

2. Saturday (3) – 1964, 1969, 1974

3. Wednesday (2) – 1955, 1959

4. Monday (2) – 1978, 1999

5. Tuesday (1) – 1995

6. Thursday (1) – 1982

So, my guess is that it would probably be on the first Saturday (1st) or Sunday (2nd) of March.

The sad thing is – why do we need to play this guessing game, first on parliamentary dissolution, now on nomination and polling dates?

What kind of politics that leans so much on ‘surprises’ and uncertainty?

Why can’t we have a reasonably long campaign period – says, 21 day – or even have the election day fixed – like Tuesday for the US presidential elections?

Why do we need the PM to make himself a liar on a petty issue like this?


2 responses to “On Elections – When will be the Polling Day?

  1. The only “entertainment” they thought could bring attention to folks!
    They never know this is termed as “Childish”!
    They afraid someone will take EC Chief to court
    so they have to finish the case within 60days after dissolved!

    No need to guess the polling day, as People should BOYCOTT when EC has been BIAS and Fair election can no way be guaranteed with
    a) NO complete electoral roll for phantom checking
    b) some 4 million remain unregistered but no sufficient effort for EC to act
    c) Postal Votes remain
    e) All Candidates not been listed and have sufficient time and media to expose to the voters.

    Take EC Chief to Court!
    or Bersih and Parties had not cleaned the way for a Fair GE
    and it will be a Biggest Joke to vote!

  2. To sum it up, transparency will kill the whole foundation that BN built upon. It is about securing BN’s power, but about moving the country forward.

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