LTG: Malaysians, Vote with Eyes Wide Open

This is Dr Lim Teck Ghee’s statement on the launch of CSI-Parliament. He is one of the key members of this initiative.

Malaysians:  Vote With Eyes Wide Open 

I join the CSI-Parliament in calling on our Malaysian electorate to vote without fear and to send the strongest message possible to the Barisan Nasional Government that we will not be cynically fooled and manipulated by them as has happened in past elections.


As we look around with our eyes wide open, we find Malaysian society in a pathetic state due to more than 50 years of BN power without the normal checks and balances found in other countries.  We see the sharp rise of corruption, self-enrichment and abuse of power by the BN component parties and its cronies.  We see BN representatives – MPs and State Assemblymen – that are out of touch with what is happening at the ground.  We see BN leaders playing dirty, resorting to media spin, threats and the use of force to ensure that negative views and truthful news are kept away from the public. 


Soaring prices, rising crime in our streets, falling educational standards, increased sense of insecurity and heightened racial and religious polarization:  this is only the tip of the mountain of problems, scandals and disasters that the Barisan Nasional leaders and its representatives in Parliament are leaving for our younger generation.


We have it in our power in the coming elections not only to demand a better quality of life and a higher standard of government.  We also have the power to vote against the BN and to send a loud signal that Malaysians are fed up with the present system and want change   


Let us exercise our right in the polling booth to have better men and women voted in as our representatives so we can have a better future.  Let us not fall victim to the scare and gloom and doom tactics played on us by an increasingly arrogant, uncaring and politically bankrupt government. 


Kuala Lumpur, 31 Jan 2008


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