CSI-Parliament’s Mission Statement

Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Reform (CSI-Parliament): A Mission

CSI-Parliament is a national advocacy organization established to act as a catalytic agent for parliamentary reform and to enhance the standard of politics and governance in Malaysia. The organization will be guided by the following broad principles in attaining its goals:

I. PRINCIPLES for a Vibrant, Representative and Participatory Democracy


We are committed to ensuring that Malaysia will be a representative and participatory democracy where

(a) the Federal Constitution and protection of basic human rights is supreme and sacrosanct;

(b) the Legislature and Executives at all level of governments shall be elected freely and fairly by citizens;

(c) the Judiciary functions independently to ensure and enforce the rule of law and provides the necessary check and balance to executive and legislative excesses;

(d) the state governments shall function within constitutionally provided framework, including the 20-point guarantees for Sabah and Sarawak, and are free from any undemocratic political pressure from the Federal Government;

(e) federal, state and local legislatures shall work to advance and enhance rather than restrict individual freedoms and rights;

(f) the substance and articulation of laws, policies and guarantees of rights shall be done in accordance with the spirit and letter of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

(g) all legislative and policy-making processes shall open, transparent, accountable, consultative and participatory.


II. GOALS in Institutional and Policy Reform

A. Promoting Institutional Reform

The Malaysian institutions and governmental machinery require substantial reform to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness, efficiency in consultation with the people. Urgently needed reforms include:

(a) the empowerment and revamp of the Anti-Corruption Agency, and the establishment of Ombudsman commissions as independent institutions accountable to Parliament;

(b) the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC);

(c) the establishment of an independent Judicial Commission for appointment and promotion of judges;

(d) the re-construction of the Election Commission with multi-party and civil society representatives so as to ensure complete administrative neutrality and to free it from executive interference; and

(e) the removal or reform of all restrictive media-related laws or provisions therein including but not limited to the Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA), Sedition Act, Internal Security Act (ISA), Official Secrets Act (OSA) and Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) as well as the enactment of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to ensure freedom of expression, freedom of information and pluralistic media ownership.


B. Improving Social-economic Policies

Government should work towards uniting Malaysians and ensuring the full use of our diverse human potential through progressive socio-economic policies. Such policies should include:

(a) the replacement of race-based policies and programs with appropriate need-based policies and programs which help the poor and the marginalized;

(b) sector-specific and gender-sensitive strategies of empowerment aimed at groups including but not limited to the agricultural population, new villagers, plantation estate workers, orang asli/asal communities, urban poor, people with disabilities, stateless, migrants and people with HIV and AIDS;

(c) reform of the privatization policy so that all can enjoy adequate and efficient provision of public services and facilities including education, healthcare, water, electricity, sanitation, and, information and communication technology;

(d) educational policies which respect individual choices and diversity whilst facilitating national integration, and reward merit and excellence whilst ensuring opportunities for marginalized groups, especially women; and

(e) environmentally sustainable policies that ensure the protection and sustainable use of our land, water, air and marine resources.



1. CSI- Parliament will undertake the following activities in attainment of the above principles:

(a) Raising public awareness and interest on issues related to elections and democracy including the exemplary roles and qualities of elected representatives;

(b) Identifying major policy concerns and principles to which good Members of Parliament and State Assembly persons and local representatives should address and subscribe to;

(c) Inviting candidates to indicate their stand and planned action on the policy concerns and principles that they are committed to;

(d) Identifying, endorsing and supporting candidates committed to advancing the Principles and Goals of CSI-Parliament;

(e) Undertaking post-electoral follow up activities with both successful and unsuccessful candidates in support of the CSI-Parliament agenda


2. CSI-Parliament will endorse candidates from whichever political party committed to pursuing the principles laid out in Part I and goals laid out in Part II.


Actionable measures used to gauge the commitment of politicians at local, state and federal levels include the following:

(a) they will hold constant consultation with the stakeholders in the respective civil society groups and communities;

(b) they will vote in the Parliament/Assembly on the concerns committed to when opportunities arise and vote according to their promised platforms, even against their party whips;

(c) they will initiate or facilitate private member bills as well as actively engage with the relevant select committees in the Parliament or the State Legislative Assembly on these concerns on concerns and matters related to Part II.


Subscribing Members:
Angela M. Kugathas
Charles Santiago
Dzul Asmawi
Edward Lee
Haris Ibrahim
Ho Wai Ling
Irene Xavier
Julian Lee
Lim Teck Ghee
K. Arumugam
Maria Chin
Meera Samanther
Rathi Ramanathan
Shanon Shah bin Mohd. Sidik
Sean Ang
Ser Choon Ing
Suguna Papachan
Toni Kassim
Yeo Yang Poh
V. Gayathry
Wong Chin Huat


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