Toll Hike Lovers, Stay away from KLCC!

I can’t agree more with the call by Rocky’s Bru: if you love toll hike, please stay away from KLCC.

“But if you want to vent your frustration with having to pay RM12 every day to the filthy rich cronies and a sleepy government, and you think you can because this is supposed to be a democractic country, then make your way to the KLCC tomorrow 26 Jan. 3 p.m.

Read polytikus for details and tips on what to wear.

If you “mudah lupa” like Mahathir, here are some photos (I culled from Merdeka Review) taken last year, also just before the Chinese New Year.

Anti-toll-hike 1

Anti-toll-hike 2

Anti-toll-hike 3

Anti-toll-hike 4

Anti-toll-hike 6

Fundamentally, I believe in the market force more than the state’s intervention, but there is no real free market under an one-party state.

On what to wear, please remember the colour! It’s yellow Saturday.

Yellow Wave 1


One response to “Toll Hike Lovers, Stay away from KLCC!

  1. Anti-Concessionaires the Right Topics to Go!
    “Litrak, just like any other toll concessionaires in the country, is an Umno related company. Irama Duta holds 51% shares and the remaining 49% goes to Gamuda.”

    So Highway were hijacked by UNMO from Public to their side-pockets as “oil well” from Taxpayers and Tolls!
    With automatic schedule of Toll increase to go!

    The Concessionaires should not be there!
    And no Toll should be there!!

    Vote UNMO out and take over the Concessionaires!!

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