Have a break, have a Lingam joke!

Bad politics makes good jokes for bad politicians (and their cronies) are good jokers.

The defunct Soviet Union and the communist bloc used to produce a great amount of high quality political jokes. Since Malaysia is as capable as any one-party state in the world, let us not waste these great opportunities to create and entertain ourselves with some world-class political jokes! Malaysia boleh, right?

This is one Lingam joke I have got via sms – I am sure that there are even better ones out there. Please send it in – we need a break, we’ve got to have some Lingam jokes!

***Lingam Joke 1

Somebody farted during the inquiry.

Inquiry officer asked Tengku Adnan first: Did you fart?

Adnan replied: You must be drunk or mad.

the officer then asked Dr Mahathir: Did you fart?

Mahathir answered: I don’t remember. Anyway it’s my prerogative to fart and I don’t have to answer to any body.

He then asked Eusoff Chin: Did you fart?

Eusoff Chin answered: If anyone wants to fart, what can I do?

The officer then turned to Lingam: Did you fart?

Lingam replied: Sounds like mine, smells like mine …..


3 responses to “Have a break, have a Lingam joke!

  1. haha, nice one. More lingam jokes coming up? can’t wait to read….

  2. Everybody get their seats?
    A comedy on show so everyone will not fall asleep!

    The curtain lifted!
    Oh, they were judges that many of us know!
    Q: Had they judged well so they are now judges again?
    A: Su!! They are bad judges that why they are hired again!!
    A: Su!! They are hired because they are going to try CJ, lawyers and politicians with similar ethnics of their type!!
    Oh! That’s why!!

    Don’t forget we are watching a show and not a trial!!
    Q: But they are Royal Commission!!
    A: Royal meaning superior than Law!!

    Not too bad! The biggest stars all in the show!!
    Q: Who pay them to come?
    A: The Tax-payers!! including all the carefree that come!!
    Shit!! We are watching our hard-earned money turning Big Stars in the Show!
    Q: Who is the Director?
    A: AAB
    Q: How can he be the Director of the Show?
    A: Walk for Justice has endorsed the show and the Royal had not denied the show!!

    Q: Are we watching Comedy or Tragedy?
    A: A Comedy because clowns are on the show!
    A Tragedy because we see how justice were manipulated by Big Stars with our hard-earned money.
    We suffer and they have only to give a show of Comedy to flash any enquiry to go!

    Watching a Comedy with Tears and Sneezes!!
    Enjoy the Tragedy and decide what to Vote to decide the next Episode to go!
    Again a live show but many of us in the show – Victim again or Director instead!!

  3. Great one! A not-so-serious summary for those who are not bothered to follow up the case. I have sms’ed it on to my friends.

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