This CNY, Give Your Loved Ones True Information

This blog advocates first and foremost free and fair elections. The blogger also fights for media freedom.

It is no coincidence that why free press and free elections are interlinked not only in this blog, but generally. Both BERSIH and media freedom campaign use yellow ribbon as their symbol. Blogger-activists like Haris Ibrahim and Helen Ang are fighting against our flawed electoral system and the equally flawed mainstream media.


If you have free press, it is hard for elections to remain unfree, unfair and unclean for long, because electoral frauds will be exposed.

On the other hand, if you have free elections, you will likely also have political pluralism which in turn poses the demand for press freedom.

In Malaysia, of course we have neither free press nor free elections. Think pessimistically, we will need to win both battles to see the daylight. Think optimistically, winning either battle is halfway winning the other.

Below is Lulu’s suggestion for what to bring back to kampung comes the Chinese New Year.


One response to “This CNY, Give Your Loved Ones True Information

  1. I think CNY is not a very correct term to use because not only Chinese celebrating this new year but Korea people also celebrate.
    I think Lunar New Year is a better term to use.

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