My New Blog in Chinese – “Unfinished Business”

I have tried blogging a few times before this but all the blogs were abandoned for various reasons. I am glad that this blog has stayed alive for more than seven weeks. Thanks for your support.

I have therefore decided to start a new blog in Chinese. I dedicate it to the democratization of Malaysia, which is why it is called “unfinished business”. It however will not have so many original posts like this blog. At the moment, I am only posting my Chinese-language articles published in alternative media like Merdeka Review there.

As the election draws near, the battle to debunk political myths and lies needs to be fought in every battle. I humbly hope that my Chinese blog, like this one, will contribute a bit to the larger struggle for a better Malaysia.

May I now present you my new blog in Chinese language: “Unfinished Business“.


One response to “My New Blog in Chinese – “Unfinished Business”

  1. Can I have the Link to the first Header Photo that appeared on the first day of your Chinese Website?

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