Will YB Wong Nai Chee Vote against Constituency Redelineation in 2010?

Wong Nai Chee (Photo: Malaysiakini)

Wong Nai Chee, the MP for Kota Melaka, is one of those few Barisan Nasional parliamentarians that I respect. He is one of the few who supported the idea of a Parliamentary Select Committee on Media Laws Reform as demanded by 37 civil society groups since 2006. He promised to raise it in the budget speech and he did that.

Malaysiakini reported that Nai Chee will defend his seat in Kota Melaka. The BN backbencher rebutted the DAP’s line that he would get appointment as a senator even if he looses the seat. “There is no consolation prize!”, said Nai Chee.

If I am a voter at Kota Melaka, my main concern will not be whether any candidate gets the trophy or consolation prize. Politics is not charity. Voters are the boss and they’d better be the hard-nosed one.

Knowing Nai Chee’s personality, capability and his support for press freedom, if I am a voter at Kota Melaka, I will still ask one question:

“Comes 2010, when the constituency redelineation proposal is tabled before the Dewan Rakyat, will YB Wong Nai Chee vote against a redelineation that further strengthens UMNO’s electoral hegemony?”

UMNO has gained in every constituency redelineation exercise, with excessive gerrymandering and malapportionment. Thanks to the last redelineation exercise in 2002, UMNO has won a bare majority of 110 seats in 2004 which perhaps explains the arrogance of UMNOputras like Hishamuddin Hussien Onn and Khairy Jamaluddin.

Anyone who wants to get my parliamentary vote must pledge to vote against another partisan redelineation in 2010. If BN wins another 91% landslide in 2012, with UMNO controlling 51% of seats and running Penang and Sarawak, is there any consolation prize for me?


One response to “Will YB Wong Nai Chee Vote against Constituency Redelineation in 2010?

  1. Yea, u r right~!!!!
    Wong Nai Chee~~Gambateh~!

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