A split in Hindraf’s leadership?

Malaysiakini reported that the Hindraf secretary T Vasanthakumar detained under ISA has lodged a police report against fellow ISA detainee P Uthayakumar, the group’s legal adviser, over allegations of misusing funds.

Meanwhile, Hindraf Chairman in-exile P Waythamoorthy announced a halt of the group’s donation drive.

Any effort to promote public accountability, not only of state institutions but also of civil society groups, should be welcomed. Have we had a credible police force and judiciary, the investigation as well as the prosecution and verdict (if any) that follows would have either had any wrongdoers penalized or had their tainted names cleared.

However, in this case, one wonders what have led to this sudden action of Mr Vasanthakumar.

Is it because of any information that he gets now that he did not get earlier? If so, who has supplied him the information?

Or could it be that he has had the full knowledge of such misappropriation of funds all the while but his conscience strikes  only now? If so, who has awakened this man’s conscience?

Could it be anyone but the police officers  from the Special Branch (SB) who have been drilling Mr Vasanthakumar, and as many would says, “turning” him “over”? Has our police force, whose top officers have been tainted by if not also charged for corruption, has now suddenly become the high priest of public accountability and yes, “cleanliness” (keBERSIHan)?

What’s next from here?

Will Mr Uthayakumar be prosecuted and sentenced for misappropriation of public fund so that he may remain in jail while his detention under ISA can be lifted to spare the government international embarrassment?

Will Mr Vasanthakumar (the only non-lawyer amongst the Hindraf 5) be freed earlier on than his four other colleagues?

Will the Hindraf struggle be ended by internal split?

Will Malaysia’s wonderful ethnic relations, which PM Abdullah is busy sharing with the world now, soon be restored with this split?

Yes, surely, many Malaysians must still be very innocent. They never heard of Anwar’s adopted brother and speech writer. They never heard of the confession of Al-Arqam. They believe that integrity and justice can exist in the evil presence of the “civilizational” ISA, just like they believe in fairies and Santa Claus.


6 responses to “A split in Hindraf’s leadership?

  1. As far as i am aware Hindraf has never asked for donations before the Hindraf rally, so I believe that Vasanthakumar’s claim that funds were misused by Uthaya Kumar is what one would call being “turned over: by the police. After all, a few years’ ago the police had given us a detailed account of how a suspect is “turned over”

    The police seem to be hell bent on fixing Hindraf since they do not seem to have any evidence of them being linked to terrorist organisations.

  2. Hope this is a chance for those 5 to be in court!
    Hope Police have evidence on the donation to sue.
    It is a good chance for Hindraf to tell why they have to get donation,( if any)
    and how difficult to run the rally with such donation, (if any).

    Vasanthakumar is surely trapped
    The Police is trying to get chance to do further search?
    In whatever way, People have sharp eyes that Police are playing tricks!!
    People should have consideration to poor Vasanthakumar when Police is the one to trick!

    The only way to stop Police and Politicians playing further Tricks!!


    According to today’s Sin Chew, Mrs Vasanthakumar issued a statement which stated that the Hindraf 5 remained united and the news of Mr Vasanthaumar’s report is false.

  3. The 5 under ISA are going to have Hungry Strike!!

    Anyone cares to respond?

  4. Any strange statements given while in places like Kamunting should be viewed with great caution, as they may be made under duress.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth!

    If they can used Water Cannon and Teargas in the Public
    What can’t they use in hidden place like KMT!

    Doubt should be casted onto to the weak!
    Especially who are devils no need to speak!
    “Wolf is coming” they had done too many repeats!!

    If misuse of Fund can come to Court
    Misuse of Law, why not?
    The answer is they had already manipulating the LAW!!
    So even if it can be Real
    no one should believe!
    However, Hindraf had raised NO fund before the Rally!
    And funds were raised for the 5 after they were taken in!
    Who can mis-use the fund??

    They want to act on those raising the Fund!!
    So, should fund raise be stopped?
    Or, more fund be raised with best transparency to talk?
    A bank account for every funds to be banked in by donors.
    Each deposit be on Website to check.
    Every expense be carefully displayed and audited!
    A better accountability than BN did!!

    More fund raising, not the amount, but every deposit count a Vote
    to support those 5 in KMT!
    To tell the authority they should not be under ISA!
    Anyone with a Website and Competency to act??

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