Yellow Alert: Let’s comb through the Supplementary Rolls before Jan 18! (Updated)

You want to do something to help ensure a clean and fair elections?

Now’s the action time. Your golden opportunity to perform your citizen duty.

The Election Commissions have invited all to check the supplementary rolls which will be on display from Jan 12 (yesterday) to Jan 18 (next Friday), according to Bernama.

What is a “supplementary roll”? It is the list of additional names or voters – newly registered or transferred from elsewhere – for a constituency. The roll with previously certified names is called “permanent roll”.

Why bother? To crash electoral frauds.

Firstly, make sure you or others who have newly registered or applied for a transfer are there on the roll. If you are not, make a “claim” to be included, it’s free of charge.

Secondly, to also check on other included names – if you find some suspicious names (“phantoms”), says in your home or someone else’s, you may make an “objection”, up to ten such names, which will cost you RM 10 per name objected.

You don’t want to see a mass transfer or addition of phantoms to dilute your vote, do you? Report to us or the political parties or concerned NGOs if you want others to take it up.

***Can you check if your name might have been expunged (because EC was informed that you are dead) or transferred to other constituencies (because someone has filed an application in your name)? No, such deletion or transfer-out is not legally required to have public inspection like the addition or transfer-in. My advice is to check your voter registration now, print a copy, and keep it well. So, if later you find yourself “abducted” elsewhere, you can ensure Tan Sri Rashid or his boys loose sleeps.***

(Update: While the by-law require only the “entry list” in the supplementary roll, the EC has actually incorporated in it the “exit roll” too. While the EC must move to change the by-law as soon as possible, such overstepping of law is actually good for democracy and should be commended.)

Now, where to check? (a) 14 state election offices; (b) 417 computerised post offices; (c) 54 government complexes and offices; (d) 157 district offices; (e) 44 municipal and district councils; (f) 155 community and Rukun Tetanga halls and Penghulu offices; and (g) 12 other places.

These places have had to be published in the Gazette and the EC should publish the full list on its website. Unfortunately, I can’t find them. If you can’t find them too, consider making a complaint to 603-88856500 (tel) or 603-88889117 (fax).


3 responses to “Yellow Alert: Let’s comb through the Supplementary Rolls before Jan 18! (Updated)

  1. 1. EC should provide a complete roll!
    2. Since 180,000 phantoms was indicated by EC on the last permanent roll, the complete roll should be checked!
    3. EC must fix the number of working days for each registration process. And, anyone registered before any deadline must be guaranteed of their registration!!
    EC must come with commitment, responsibility and liability and not flexibility at their choice!!

    By the way, WHY BEFORE JAN 18?

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  3. EC must provide the Full list NOW and until GE finished!
    The Full List must be available at least to those Nominees of each Constituency!
    The Public has the Rights to monitor the work of EC!

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