Taiwan Opposition Wins 72% of Legislative Seats (Updated)

Taiwan’s opposition KMT has beaten the president’s party DPP with an unprecedented landslide since democratization. KMT has won 81 seats in the 115-seat Legislative Yuan (Parliament), DPP 27, minor parties and independent 5. (See New York Times and China Times.)

Taiwan uses a parallel system where 79 out of 113 seats are elected via First-Past-The-Post like what we have in Malaysia (73 from geographical constituencies, 6 others from aboriginal ethnic constituencies) and remaining 34 seats are allocated proportionally via party list.

KMT wins 61 out of the 79 FPTP seats, followed by DPP with 27 seats, smaller parties allied to KMT 4 seats, and a sole independent candidates. The result shows great vote-seat disproportionality inherent in FPTP elections as KMT commands only 53.49% of support in constituency votes but gains 77.22% of FPTP votes. In contrast, DPP which wins 38.17% constituency votes is rewarded with only 16.46% of FPTP seats.

In term of party votes, KMT also captures 51.23%, while DPP trails with 36.91% and the smaller parties all fail to pass the legal threshold of 5%. This translates into 20 seats for KMT, 12 seats for DPP and none for others. You can find an excellent explanation of how the party list seats are allocated here at Taiwan’s Central Election Commission website.

The scandal-plagued DPP is now reduced to a less-than-quarter minority in the legislature for the last three months of President Chen’s term. By this March, Taiwan will likely have its second party alternation with KMT’s Ma Ying-jeou being the new president.

Lesson for others? The people who vote you in can vote you out anytime.


2 responses to “Taiwan Opposition Wins 72% of Legislative Seats (Updated)

  1. Taiwan has written a new page on how people fight for Democracy in Peace!
    It is 8 years, a long way!
    Without Principle, Directions and Steps,
    can they make it?
    They have more than 23million people depending much the reform to come!
    They are waiting for the Presidency to fix the future to go!
    They have much less farm land and natural resource and much geographical diversities.

    Following are brief translation of parts of the Press. Hope some points can be drawn:

    “Presidential Candidate Ma Ying-Jiu (Chinese pronunciation) indicated, he has noted the complaints from the People towards both parties. KMT (his party) should be humble enough to listen to all. People should be the priority and we will work hard to fulfill the wishes of the people. People have much hope on the Parliament and there are space for reform. We wish to settle the unrest in the near future and steadily push forwards the development policy of our country.”

    “It is not yet a time of joy for KMT, as 68days later, it will be the Presidential election. We must be cautious and brave for every steps to take. Hopefully, smoothly we can go through the Presidential election so that we can push on the reforms that the People have long been waiting for. For the past 8 years, people are living in a state of being oppressed and agonies. Time of reform is coming. Power given to KMT by the People must not be abused, misused, but to be according to the wishes of the People. We are happy to receive them but with the recognition of responsibilities that they are to be accounted for.”

    “Ma Ying Jiu said that the previous mentioned 4 steps to go are: Reform, Unity, Screening of abilities, and holding the Administration. Step by step we have gone through all, and we are looking forwards to hold the administration. Until then, we should not forget the situations that we had when we were the Opposition. Only this will provide a key factor to allow KMT to be the mainstream guiding power in the future to come. Right now, we need to be more humble to face the future. For those KMT candidates, we hope they will join the work of the Presidency to finalize the walk to Administration.”

  2. Main points from Ma Ying Jiu are:
    1) People is the Boss of the Government
    2) Power given to the Government are not to be ABUSED or MISUSED.
    3) Changing need Steps, such as Reform, Unity, Selecting those with Abilities, then get hold of the Administration by Election.

    Without understanding the above, People can easy be Dummy and victim of an over-ruling and irresponsible government!
    So learn to be the Boss of the Government!!

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